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Zakhm movieZakhm movie

The film had almost same cast of Angaarey except Akshay. The plot involves the communal tension of Mumbai during the riots.

Hope to see some more of such great movies. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Pooja Bhatt finally gets to show her best here in the movie and Kunal Khemu is simply a revelation. Mahesh Bhatt, is a multi talented artist.

This cinematic masterpiece will touch your heart on many levels, bring to the forefront the communal disharmony in India. As far as the acting is concerned, the awards the film won are enough proofs to show the film didn't compromise anywhere in acting.

Mahesh bhatt has given an excellent treatment to this movie. The film was apparently written by the director, Mahesh Bhatt, and it's actually based on his own life experiences. Congrats to Mr Bhatt for this achievement. Ajay Devgan at its life time best it seems.

Zakhm is not as great as these films, generally speaking, and technically too it could have been better, but then it is definitely a special film in many ways. Apart from Devgan, Khemu and Bhatt, the other important player is the director Mahesh Bhatt, who directs Zakhm with passion that is hard to ignore. Zakhm is not a flawless movie, intellex video player but it is definitely a moving and riveting movie experience which remains in the mind for a long time. You have already rated this movie.

It is beautifully filmed, and the script is both intelligent and original. Hats off to the story and the direction by Mr. This is certainly her best performance. Amazing screenplay, story and direction.

Zakhm movie

One Amazing movie with definitely a strong story line that not only touches the emotional side but also sends a message out to the world that walls of region must to be destroyed. Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. He marries her but does not document or acknowledge their marriage as it was done without any traditional upholdings. The scenes of interaction between the mother and son are heart breaking with the son feeling as much pain as his mother does. Ajay's mother succumbs to the burns.

This friction is mirrored by events in one man's life, as his family is split in two by religion just as his society is. Not to be confused with Zakhm film. Just in case you wondered.

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Zakhm movie

His eyes do most of the talking, so he doesn't need a lot of dialogues. Bhatt's direction is very good. Incidentally this is Pooja Bhatt's last movie as female lead actress and Mahesh Bhatt's last as director. All Bombay Times print stories are available on. While Khemu's Ajay faces situations that most adults wouldn't be able to cope with, Devgan's Ajay faces the world and its people with a wisdom and love that is sometimes hard to understand.

Zakhm movie

Well its one of the most depressing movie which came out of bollywood bag but not only that its one of the very best movie that Indian cinema have ever produced. He is at his best in this movie. Music was very good gali mein aaj, and hum yahan tum are my favorites. Ashutosh Rana outwitting any actor of his age or era as a anti Muslim and pro Hindu leader.

Writers have done a brilliant job. The strength of Zakhm is its depiction of human sentiments and emotions which are portrayed so beautifully that it really hits you hard.

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To achieve the right amount of credibility, the casting was very crucial. This film touches the very soul of the pure relationship between a mother and her son. And what of Ajay's lovely wife? She makes him promise to bury her according to her faith when she dies, for it is only through a proper burial that she will be able to find herself reunited with her lover in heaven. In the present time, Anand is lured by the appeal of the extremists and when his mother is set ablaze, he's about to murder one of the men responsible.

His devastated expression of anguish and grief is haunting, to say the least. Kunal Khemu is brilliant and Sonali Bendre has a graceful presence. Character-driven films never scared me. Pooja and Kunal Khemu excel.

Ajay soon learns that his mother Pooja Bhatt has been burned by a group of Muslim rioters while leaving a temple and is in critical condition. He his introduced to Sargam during the launch of her new album by Ashwin Mehta owner of a music company. Based on his own life, the movie very courageously portrays one of the most saddening social problems India was facing at that time, and still is, although to a much less extent. Ajay Devgan won a deserving national award for his acting in a lead role.

Ajay Devgn immerses ashes of his father Veeru Devgan in Nashik. The whole idea behind religion is also questioned here very well. For this, he seeks help from Rachit, a former associate of the trio. Neeru was the girl next door, his lost love.

She also takes a promise from Ajay that he will never tell his brother about her real identity. The songs are beautiful and they wonderfully immerse with the narrative. However the trainee changes his plan when he falls in love and needs the Major's help in rescuing his beau.

Now lets come to the acting department. Yet, she kept hiding her Muslim faith because of her involvement with a Hindu man, disguising as a Christian for the rest of her life. Audible Download Audio Books. Ajay Devgan is excellent in his first great role.

The rest of the cast doesn't get much scope to perform but is adequate. He tackles a delicate subject which is always relevant and presents a sincere and brutally honest account of communal strife, even if it's faulty and preachy at times.

Overall, this movie is amazing. This is one of the best and bravest films to deal with the issue of communal harmony in India and is even more relevant after the gujarat events. The movie also showcases the amazing talent in Ajay Devgan who has got few roles till date which justify his potential. Sonia learns about her mother-in-law's past life and decides not to leave Ajay. Also, the turbaned man in the film is neither Muslim nor Hindu but a Sikh.

Zakhm movie

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When Rahul was gone to India for official trip He is attracted to Nisha, and announces that he will be marrying her soon. The Bombay police move quickly and a curfew is imposed in the more sensitive parts such as Mohammed Ali Road, Jogeshwari, and Dharavi. Films and television series by Mahesh Bhatt.