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Why must it hide your face? Rajesh Khanna strikes a manly pose for his third wink of the song. Husn aur ishq ke darmiyaa. Rajesh Khanna flutters those legendary long eyelashes once more, causing earthquakes across the sub-continent. There is something mischievous about all those winks!

Did she ever react to Kishore Kumar songs they way she reacts to Mohammed Rafi here? Rajesh Khanna Hit Song Download. With a perfectly oval coiffe, Rajesh Khanna winks his heart out as the song climaxes. We regularly add new translations, analyses, final fight double impact for pc photos and more from your favorite old Hindi films!

Why is there a barrier between beauty and love? It so happens that nowadays I spend most of my spare time in your website. Moving in for the kill, Rajesh leans forward whilst winking.

Rajesh Khanna starts us off nice and easy. Why must there be anyone but us here? Regards, Mohandas, Chennai. Great experience, dear Mr.

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Rukh se pardaa zaraa jo sarakne lagaa The veil is beginning to fall from your face Uff yeh kambakht dil kyuu. Nchal hai shikwaa hai hamaaraa I have a complaint against the end of your saari Kyuu. Did I mention Leela Chandavarkar is perfection itself in this film? As a filmi gossip aside, did you know angel-faced Leela Chandavarkar was really a rebel?

How can my heart bear such entanglement? Rajesh Khanna gets caught in the philosophical moment of the song mid-wink. Lucknowi college student by day, winking hero by night.

Kaise deedaar aashiq tumhaaraa kare? Boy, I wonder how your blog miss this song.

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With a devastating close-up shot, Rajesh Khanna displays the full range of his eyelashes. Though the count of winks may be less comparatively, he makes most of it with other actions and expression. Rajesh Khanna finishes strong as always, reeling in the song with a final, bittersweet wink.

The giggly wink, another Rajesh Khanna speciality. Kishore and Rajesh were perfect for each other.

How can he behold the splendor of your face? Oh, why has my accursed heart started to beat? Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Click each wink for more detail. Shy winking is where Rajesh Khanna really shines. Ho dhaDakne lagaa Oh, it has started beating Haa.

If you need a strong pick-me-up, this is your song. How can your lover steal a glimpse of you? Ho nazaaraa kare How can he see? Leela Chandavarkar can only play coy for so long with those moves.

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Quite rich in resources as far as the old hindi film songs are concerned. And how satisfied I become after spending the time!