Well, I thought it was strange

When you wake up and pull the covers back

Everyone makes fun of

So, I started taking a nap too if I get home from work early. We used to sleep in two shorter periods, over a longer range of night. When I am well and I have nothing dictating my sleep patterns I allow my body to decide when it sleeps. Now that I am retired, I have gone back to it.

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He snored extremely loudly. Over the years I have found that I am more energetic and mentally alert when I sleep like this as opposed to hours at a time, which leaves me lethargic. Ah yes I have a similar problem with sensitivity to sunlight, try doing what I do, sleep during the day in an air tight coffin.

Everyone makes fun of me because of how much I sleep. After one injury, when I was trying to learn to read again, I suffered rare auditory seizures. So I decided to sleep twice and it really did increase my ability to focus and kept the writing easy and fluid. Imagine what it would have been like before air conditioning.

We used to sleep

Several clever readers noted that in order to keep a fire running through the night, we would need to get up and tend it. It seems I do rest much better.

It almost always involved me going outside. This was an interesting read I was under the influence that if you woke up during of the night you were not resting properly. But there are simple steps that can help minimise the risk of an interrupted night.

But sometimes is shrinks to hours a day during heavy operational tempo. If you have to go to the restroom you have to punch a button and somebody then turns the overhead light on so you can go to the restroom.

So I decided to sleep