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Movie is about the Indian cinema. Udayan is the Star is a Indian Malayalam black comedy film directed by Rosshan Andrrews and scripted by Sreenivasan from a story by Andrrews. The plot apparently has Mohanlal's character in the lead - but having seen the movie, it is Sreenivasan's character that emerges as prominent. Sreenivaasan brings in the humour in the film, enacting the role of a superstar which he becomes by stealing the script of his friend. Direction by Roshan Andrews in his debut attempt looks controlled and is promising.

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My opinion is that they have been more entertaining in the past, but this movie is a rare treat in recent times. Sreeni has worked his magic not only as the unethical wannabe super star but also through a brilliant script. Jagathy also has done a neat job in the film.

Udayananu Tharam presents the Malayalam film industry through a satirical viewpoint. Udayananu Tharam is the best entertainer to come out in Malayalam in the past few years. The film was well received in theaters and took the biggest ever opening for a Malayalam film until then. Instead of the flopped director in Bowfinger, sherlock holmes audio stories you have an aspiring assistant director in the Malayalam film. The film made the biggest ever opening until then in the history of Malayalam cinema.

Some may feel it that way just because Sreenivasan's character is more colorful. It so happens that the mainstream story of the split between Mohanlal and Meena and their re-union as climax becomes a tad blurred by the strength of Sreenivasan's character. Meena has done justice to her role as an actress. Rajappan takes up the offer, since he is also at a plateau of his career, but refuses to co-operate and throws tantrums and causes maximum trouble when possible. Srinivasan has once again proved that humor can make a movie brilliant.

Meena is adequate as the romantic fluff. Jagathy Sreekumar is watchable, and as usual, given to over acting. Debutant director Roshan Andrews will be making it big in the industry for sure. One of the best movies of Mohanlal I have seen recently after Aaram Thampuran.

Deepak Dev Ouseppachan Score. All in all, an excellent clean entertainer with no third rate comedy and adult oriented jokes. Joe's Completed watchlist of Incredible Movies. Mohanlal underplays himself to bring out an excellent performance as a struggling assistant director Udayabhanu.

Both Mohanlal and Srinivasan at their best. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The support cast is also very good with the inimitable Jagathi Sreekumar leading the way. Towards the end of the shoot, using a perceived insult as a ruse, Rajappan leaves the set leaving the film half way with the hope that this will destroy Udayabanu's career for ever.

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Sreenivasan and Jagathy mainly contribute to the comic aspects of the movie. One of the best Malayalam movies of recent times and in my opinion along with Blessy's two films Kaazcha and Thanmathra the turning point for Malayalam movies.

The movie shows glimpses of the magic that happens when Mohanlal and Srinivasan get together. Mohanlal in comparison has not done anything extraordinary. The climax is a novelty in Malayalam movie history. And here too, the film's climax is being filmed without the actor being aware of it.

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He is able to bring about the frustrations of a person who is not able to fulfill his dreams. Altogether a watchable movie, worth the money. Mohanlal has a fairly serious role, not given to antics as in the past. This is an entertainer in all sense.

This is not the first time a super hit is born in Malayalam out of a Hollywood flick. Jagati Sreekumar has again done his bit well, as Sreenivasan's tutor-turned-manager. But Udayabanu devises clever tactics and shoots the remaining scenes with Rajappan without him even being aware of it.

Rajappan Thengummoodu Sreenivasan is a rather crooked friend of Udayabhanu and an aspiring and failed actor. Mohanlal just proves why he's one of the Best of The Best in the country. He spends most of his time actively flirting with the actresses in the film. But most of all what enthralls is the mind-blowing climax - absolutely brilliant and reveals the immeasurable talents of the newcomer director Roshan Andrews. Mohanlal enacts the role of Udayabhaanu splendidly and maturely, without overdoing it.

It brings back memories of the old songs, and Srinivasan is hilarious in the sequences. The story is about how Udayabhaanu makes Saroj Kumar act in his film, that too unknowingly.

Udayananu Tharam Malayalam Mp3 Songs

Udhayabhanu soon finds himself faced with a career and personal crisis, with his faltering relations with his actress wife Madhumati Meena contributing to the latter. India In no particular order. Ironical that a film that centers around copying of a script itself is a take-off of another film! Audible Download Audio Books. Except for the stealing of Udayabhanu's script by Rajappan, the rest of the plot is very much similar to Bowfinger.