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Sneak shot to change into the gym suit from a uniform

Lately, Gabby has been having a lot of trouble managing the difficulties of her adult life. Apple helps Winnie out of her onesie before the two diapered cuties snuggle up together so Winnie can feed her new baby friend a bottle of milk.

The thick padding of her Snuggies diaper is completely soaked and she's in desperate need of a change. The way her diaper feels is much more interesting.

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Amber realizes it's time for Oliver's bottle and when he's done with that she takes off her shirt and nurses him.

You want to nurse on them, but Mommy is very firm that it's past your bedtime.

We leave him knowing he wont be able to touch himself anymore.

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Gagged and naked, except for a wet diaper, she has no choice but to wait for Apple to change her. Now she feels like something thicker and more absorbent will give her the protection and comfort that she needs.

The way her diaper feels isShe shows himWe leave him knowing he wontNow she feels like somethingGagged and naked except for a

Her boobies are so big and perfect that all we can think about is touching and sucking on them. Sasha unfolds a thick diaper for Bunny. She sits with Apple and cuddles her while Apple plays with her rattle and favorite stuffed bunny.

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And with the memory of the orgasm it gave her though her wet diaper winnie can't resist pressing the vibrating head of it against the front of her soaked padding to get herself off again.

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Sunnie is such a bad girl - trying to deny that she likes diapers. Apple uncuffs koneko from the changing table and helps her down onto the floor where koneko is made to crawl in her Cushie diaper, mittens, and booties while Apple holds the leash. She gets so fussy, I have to ask Sasha come help me.

She gets so fussy

She shows him that she has a diaper on, and grinds it against his cock. Sleepy Cheshire looks so tiny in her plush bear costume, snuggled up to the biggest, cuddliest teddy in the nursery.

Apple uncuffs koneko from the