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The corpse was then burnt and dumped in the mountains of Wakayama. As for his first impression of Seto, he said that she is a very humble person and performed way better than expected for a newcomer.

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However, Emiko is also a lonely woman so Seto had to immerse herself into the role by cutting off contact with her family and friends during the filming. Reverse Harem Garden actually turned ten last September. Even the evil wizard is a bishie too! In addition, she had to do the last scene on the first day of the filming so she was grateful that everyone waited for her to prepare herself so that she could concentrate on the important scene. Although the story may seem like something far-fetched and unrealistic, this was something which could happen to anyone in reality.

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It's from Image Circus and available in itunes only. It's available both in itunes and play. With each scene completed, he was reminded of what he wanted to achieve through his acting. Unlike the first two there's a heroine character.

As the story was based on a true case, spracherkennung online dating the director said that the production process was filled with difficulties as they had to inject a sense of reality into the story while keeping it interesting. The story is based on the true story of a murder-cum-assault case which took place at Wakayama in and led to the death of one person and another to be seriously injured. He is then ordered by Emiko to kill a woman which is part of her plan to frame him for the robbery-cum-murder case.

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