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Backers of Syracuse were hot under the collar. This was a win-win for our community, our environment and our organization!

Are you still struggling to cover your costs with the measly dollars you're making online, if any at all? We are the leading for-profit social enterprise for shoe drive fundraisers in North America. She constantly checked in with us and was willing to lend any support needed. Thank you for your interest in this question.

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Ben in Logistics was very efficient in scheduling our pick-up. Jeremy saw his opportunity in online business and put all his attention and efforts to succeed at it, and got it. We received our check in less than seven days! You've waited so long for this moment, don't let it slip through your fingers. The Panda algorithm was released in February and caused a huge impact in the net.

Need Creative Fundraising Ideas Try a Shoe Drive Fundraiser

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It has given our Grove Friends a way to give back! Every bit of our experience with this company was positive. Don't waste time with manuals or instruction videos! Several neighborhoods also volunteered to hold shoe drives at their club houses and other non-profits in town offered to help us collect shoes.

Yeah, when he showed me his stuff, it just knocked my socks off! We had a couple of absolutely mind blowing discussions, from traffic generation to product launches and even the best night spots to hit up in Vegas hey, all work and no play makes Jeremy a dull boy! And that's why we decided that the synergy between the two of us was just too good to keep between just us.

The logistics team and our drivers who pick up are always pleasant and easy to work with. They are always helpful and willing to answer any questions. Bear cagers appear shoo-in for southern division title.

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