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These thin, unstable coats are not suitable for furs. Straw should not be used as padding as it can deform the pelt in places.

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The autumn moult, on the other hand, reactivates all the hair follicles in a relatively short time. Characteristics Raising Angora rabbits Sources of variation in angora hair production Prospects for angora wool production Meat is definitely the main goal of rabbit production. The gap between grades and the difference between weight per pelts and unit weight stem from fluctuations in assessment.

Whole angora hairs obtained by depilation

Bearing in mind the special vocabulary used in the fur industry, this chapter includes a small glossary to help the reader with the definition of some specialized terms. The skins are usually sold raw to furriers, for small-scale tanning operations often lack the qualities to produce high value added upmarket furs. The system, with slight variations, is the same in every country, understandably so considering rabbit pelts are an international trade item.

This results in a particular softness to the touch, but also an exceptional capacity for slipping.

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The skin is then pulled off. It is therefore machine shorn and used for textiles or felting although the hat trade is declining in many countries.

Whole angora hairs obtained by depilation are the most suited for this purpose.

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However, this is not the best advice at present, with long-haired fur in vogue and dyeing virtually in disuse. Sorting, the first operation, determines the future use of the skin.

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The first cut is usually an incision at the hind feet, passing from one thigh to the other.

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The skin is cut into fine strips vermicelli and made into glue another declining industry or fertilizer.

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