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Eduard Bierenz, a friend of Gottlieb Daimler, was appointed to manage the company. My legs are spread widely apart and then strapped to the metal holder. That sort of clinched it in my mind that I could cede total trust and total control to Him. He said it re-emphasizes His Total Control of the slave. My ass hurts from the whipping and the needles, a very nice souvenir I will have to endure for the plane ride to Houston.

He helps me stand up and then guides me somewhere. You will pack up your stuff, except for the chastity device and all the needles. You got me very, very hot right now and I think I need some release! The dungeon down here is totally sound-proof, so feel free to scream.

He guides me onto the pad and I lay down on my back against an angled pad. He slowly guides me across the concrete, dating someone who still talks to their ex saying nothing.

There were several straps in the back, maybe six in all. The gag goes tightly into the hole and attaches on the outside to two metal posts in the leather mouth panel. He leaves the nip needles in but disconnected the wire clips. All told, there are eight locks. The company was owned by Benedict Albl but it was there he came upon the idea to set out and establish his own bicycle shop.

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You indicated You were interested in them, Sir. He pulls several crossovers tight and ties them off as He works slowly down the back. Then He lifts each leg way up into an angled metal holder, like stirrups. Then he starts on a second needle, this one into my shriveled left nut.

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In a crazy way I was happy for the tight bondage. He is going to keep the needles in!

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The second member of the triad was founded by Gottlieb Daimler b. Elsewhere, mechanic and inventor Johann Puch b. By now my head and torso are soaked in sweat under the leather bondage. The leather pulls across some of the strap bruises on my back. He knew this, too, for the next sensation is something being slipped up my dick alongside the cath.

Of course, I scream a lot and continue to pull stupidly against the straps holding me to the chair. At this point the slave no longer has control of his bladder. By March they successfully installed a gasoline engine and drivetrain into a coach thereby producing their first automobile, one year after Karl Benz.

He applies tape over them. Then I hear noises and realize He is back.

The gag turns my scream into an incoherent gurgle, but it still feels good to scream. He said this was what He wanted and the boy was very happy to provide it.

By competitive and performing cyclists were endorsing the Puch bicycles in their own advertisements. Then I feel something like a coarse powder being rubbed on my ass and it instantly stings.

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He slashes my ass with the belt, I scream bloody murder and jolt like a puppet in the bondage. The locks do add to the idea of inescapability. He improved manufacturing techniques and diversified their offerings. But the tightness compounds the breathing problems with the hood.

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He told me later He used a special bucket to capture all the mess from my ass, and then dumped it down the toilet. My dick, in fact, starts to try to get hard, which pushes the shaft and cockhead against the metal bars of the cock cage.