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Lets just say you'll be expecting a lot of Jump scares reactions from the cast upon seeing the ghosts and duds. Let's not forget the Go Master's scream when he fails. Soon it flies around some of the members and all the sudden it lands onto Kwang Soo's nose. HaHa has the similar case when he agrees on what Kwang Soo's doing.

Cue Song Ji Hyo off to the side literally cracking up moments after he puts the hat on. Park Hee Soon - Crime of being too charismatic. Pay attention to them when Ryu-Dam and Juvie are trying to pass each other. Guys, you think I can only cook chicken well, right? All of the heroes are scared or pissed that they have to do that.

As part of the relay race, members of each team must pass on a video cassette the baton to their next team member at each station. Cue the boys beating her up. Gary, Yoo Jae-suk, and Ji Suk-jin had to wash dishes.

Why didn't my stylist make me wear something more fierce-looking, like a shirt with lightning bolts? But that's not the funny part.

Not only that, it is hinted that Kwang Soo did win the next round but Jong Kook doesn't want him to leave and tries to stop him. To quell rumors of dating on Roommate, S. Spy or X-man episodes also count.

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Yes, these spies manage to do an operation and tactic way worse than the Easy Brothers. Suzy received a gold trophy.

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Running Man Encyclopedia, Win Totals

Sure enough, their artistry is questionable. Jae Suk - Crime of excessive dancing Crime of dancing whenever the music plays. Before the mission starts, some of the cast tries to scares each other.

The girls found it hilarious. Any Gary-centric episodes the ones where he's mr. However Suk Jin pass back the phone to him causing Jong Kook to be eliminated just before he manages to pass the phone back to Suk Jin. If they can't withstand the spicy food, they're eliminated.

Only Song Ji-hyo received gold bars, but in exchange she had to take pictures of her in her martian costume while eating dinner at the nearest rest area and when she gets home costume after filming. Kwang Soo overshoot his bottle cap while the red team mock him by singing his song. Between the chairs are ropes with a number each. The moment they find all three golden tabs for the second time, Kwang Soo and Jin Ho lock the room making sure they don't enter.

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The Running Man casts are awaiting for the guests and happily assumed that it would be a pretty female or handsome male guests. To make it more interesting, if the V Js has the highest heartbeat, that person has to go first along with the Running Man member. He was sweating like crazy and running around chasing people like a nine-year-old hell-bent on winning. That means the thief could also be a Running Man cast member who was supposedly away filming a drama, aries and scorpion dating i.

Actually any scene involving Kwang Soo in it is hilarious. Actors Team vs Singers Team. It's not easy as it sounds as the command can be more ridiculous and some even fail on the first command.

Suk Jin laments not getting a cooler shirt by his stylist. Everyone laughs themselves silly as this is one time they did not see this coming even if this is on purpose. But the best moment is the second round where the Green Team turns it into a dancing challenge since they have to toss them the set of blocks.

Weather Race Running Man and guests Lee Seung-gi and Moon Chae-won correctly identified the safest place from extreme weather events and won. He even gives a self-appraise of his achievement with the thumbs up to the camera after eliminating Jong Kook. Kim Jong Kook may not be the smartest cast member, but he's definitely better than most of them. She use Jong Kook's while he complains that she shouldn't use his thus disqualifying Kwang Soo even though he and HaHa finish at the same time. Although they started out basically strangers, Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo now make a great team and trust each other a lot even when they're in an individual battle.

Mister, you better do it right! Subverted for Ji Suk Jin - he runs into the elevator and asks the cameraman why the door isn't closing. Although the cast knew which number makes them drop. Their total weight was less than kg of weight so they got to go home and avoided having to walk to Yangpyeong Station.

He even gets scared by his own teammate. The second time he did it breaks everyone into a giant laughter. Once again the funny moment happen when both of them comes up the wrong answer. Jae Suk even manages to do the Titanic pose. The God of Variety is not taking Kwang Soo's seriousness.

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