His final opponent is Gilgamesh

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Despite that, Hera's hatred was endless, so the rest of his life was again full of madness. Confident in his strength, she casually reveals his identity as Heracles.

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Berserker possesses none of the rationality or concepts like notions of detailed tactics of his normal very adept and skilled self. They search for the Ark and face the Protagonist's party. He is soon quickly overwhelmed, but Saber also grabs onto the sword and utilizes it to smash through the Axe-sword, slash into his body, and release a light that kills him seven times over. Berserker in Capsule Servant. His true identity is the great Celtic hero, Cu Chulainn.

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Unlike his sealed Bravery skill, Eye of the Mind False remains active due to it being nearly an instinct. Berserker knows Gilgamesh to be the most evil and the most powerful enemy he will face, and he can tell from Gilgamesh's eyes that he seeks Illya's death. However, the response turns out to be a trap left by Lev Lainur Flauros that caused the group to fight enemies for three days and nights. However, Illyasviel, who was acting as the Holy Grail, was able to control Berserker due to her Command Spells being special. Ritsuka then states their belief that Heracles wouldn't have attacked the girl if he were truly mad, though Romani expresses his doubt.

She faces him head-on, but quickly reaches the limits of her dwindling energy. While chopping through the gravestones is trivial for him, it provides the slight advantage she needs to overpower him. He puts no emotion into his dying words, and simply crumbles away like sand. She commands him to deal the final blow and cut off her head, but Shirou pushes her out of the way and has a large chunk taken from his stomach.