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You will shop around for the best fashions, and be the envy of all your friends. If you have always wanted to do something related to fashion, here is your chance! You can also make a ton of new friends plucked right across the four corners of the globe through the means of free voice and text chats.

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All of the games listed below are considered safe for a similar age audience to that of Movie Star Planet. The games like Movie Star Planet below offer a similar experience with social, shopping, dress up and creative elements in their gameplay.

Emerging from the house of Glu Mobile, this fun title lets you make it big in Hollywood without you even having to leave the comfort of your couch. At the centre of this idea is the movie creation process where users can create or watch videos in return for the game currency. This game is also about music and film.

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There are also many different home furnishing stores, as you will b buying the items needed to get your home in tip top shape. Once you dress your doll, you can even take up a related job such as makeup artist, dressmaker, secretary, babysitter, and hairstylist. If you love being able to manipulate and customize the world while making friends and taking away a green message, you are going to adore everything about this game. So which ones are you planning on diving into first? You can also give your onscreen character a funky hairstyle, a weapon and even a furry pet for companionship.

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Games Like Movie Star Planet - Virtual Worlds for Teens

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Surely you love them too and that is why you will simply love having all your three likes in the same place. Play Now More About This Game Smeet With great communities and an incredible world, Smeet is the game for anyone hoping to socialize and explore right from their own bedroom. Here you can also host your own party, decorate the place with furniture and play your favorite tracks.

The game is more of a fashion puzzle that you have to solve. The title further comprises of upscale restaurants, film studios and exclusive clubs. This game makes it easier than ever before to make friends and put together the most amazing outfits that you will ever see, and you can even talk about outfits that others have put together. The world is character created for the most part and always growing. Here, you can build up your own home, create your own avatar, make friends, and do much more.

Bored of creating human-like avatars? Furthermore, you can make new friends and discuss about various fun topics like sci-fi, anime, comics, politics and fashion. Tap into your creative side by building something new, taking snapshots or forming machinima videos which can be shared with other like-minded individuals.

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Sell new dresses and give your friends amazing makeovers! You can also live out your innermost fantasies and desires which could be anything from being a pop icon to a blood-sucking vampire.

You can even earn virtual money called Mulch which can be spent on gadgets, items, gizmos and pieces of furniture for decorating your very own Bin Nest. This free treat also lets you decorate your very own virtual space. There is always something for you to do in this game, michael bolton dating making it one of the most fun and enjoyable games available today.