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You can even download Naats by clicking the download icon in front of each Naat. These verses are known as Naat or Nasheed. We will keep adding Naat-Khawan on regular basis. Their position in this is isolated as the following evidence shows. Please email us at banglakitab yahoo.

Manush Jodi Na Hoy Manush. Ab Allah wala kaun iskay liye ye sarkar gaus e azam radi Allah anhu farmatay hai ki jisko dekh kay Allah yaad ajaye wo Allah wala.

In the time of the Prophet, it is well-known that poets came to him with all kinds of works praising him, writing about his campaigns and battles and about the sahaba. The houses on the route are illuminated with numerous lanterns and large candles, happy birthday song in tamil and a great many people are out and about.

This is a proof that He did not prohibit us from calling upon him, for an absolute prohibition needs not be qualified further. If they got up for him then, it would be exaggeration. Ramzan Allaher Boro Neyamat. However, this answer is open to question since both Tirmidhi and Abu Dawud have graded the hadith fair hasan and have spoken concerning it.

Shokol Kichur Shroshta Tumi. Morile Kandish Na Amar Day. Humko apni zaat ka muhsaba karna chaye ki wakye main hum us tarah ka roaza rakh rakahy hai ki humko inam itna ala mila socheyga zaroor. Therefore, if anyone celebrates the time of the birth of the Prophet in a good way, with a good intention, by reading Sira and praising him, it is accepted. He shall destroy the cross, slay the swine, eradicate discord and grudges, and money shall be offered to him but he will not accept it.

This is the hadith most readily cited as a proof against standing up. Al Helal Uteche Biday Shaban.

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We are committed to become the best Naats portal online. Kyu ki peer rohani baap hai aur unki biwi apki maa hui. That is better than going into disputes and arguments. Whatever conforms to the Sunna is praiseworthy, and whatever contravenes the Sunna is blameworthy. Dui Diner Ei Ronger Melay.

Ononto Oshim Premomoi Tumi. Tumar Alor Jibon Sharakhon.

Mecca, the Mother of cities, may Allah bless and honor her, is the leader of other Islamic cities in the celebration of Mawlid as in other things. Therefore they are fasting on that day to thank Allah for that favor. Seherir Shomoy Holo Holo Re. Ridoyer Canvase Likhechi Tar Nam. Ibn Qunfudh al-Qusantini al-Maliki d.

Kothay Kaje Mil Rekho Bhai. Tumar Ashol Thikana Tumi Bhulecho. Allahu Allahu Tumi Jalla Jalaluhu.

Tomar Doyar Nai Shima Nai. Shei To Shobcheye Boro Bhaggoban. Jo mulk aur shahr aajkal in naamo se mash-hoor hain wo inke hi aabaad kiye huwe hain. Allah nay aisay rozay kay liye hi kaha hai ki rozedar ka inam main khud hun. The Prophet emphasized the day of his birth and thanked Allah for the big favor of bringing him to life by fasting on that day as is mentioned in the hadith of Abu Qatada.

That is why the celebration of his birthday is a great favor sent to us. Having reachethe birthplace, inside a special sermon for the occasion of the birthday of the Prophet is delivered, mentioning the miracles karamat that took place on that occasion.

Love of the Prophet is what differentiates the believers in the perfection of their iman. Hey Khoda Doyamoy Rahmane Rahim. Apnay kaan ko gibat, chugli, filmi ganay, jhoot, aur gandi bato say door rakho, usay zyda say zyda quran ki qirat, taqreer, islamic bayan, aur aisa chezay jisay iman taza aur mazboot ho wo sunay. Agar hum inchezo main padey rahey gey to hamara zindagi ka asal maqsad faut khatam ho jaeyga.

Aur is par ya rasool Allah sal lal laho tala alaihi wasalam main bohat sharminda hun bohat sharminda hu bohat sharminda hu. Keyamot Shei Keyamot Ashche Jeno. Tumake Proyojon Oshanto Ei Dhoray. Rabbul Alamin Allah Mohan. How is it that today a minority is coming and making up a ruling that it is haram?

According to him, the house had previously been turned into a mosque by the mother of the caliphs Musa al-Hadi and Harun ar-Rashid. Yaafis ke ek aur mash-hoor bete ka naam Cheen tha, Cheen China ka naam inke hi naam par hai. Imam Malik would not mention a hadith except in a state of ritual purity. Agar nahi to phir becha kyu apnay apko, bayat say murad hi hai khud ko bech dena shaikh kay hath, wo bhi akhirat ki daulat panay kay liye ab jab wo daulat nahi mili apko to fayda kya hua bayat ka. Phir bhi main ye nahi kehta hun ki main ye ishq ki zaban say wakif hun, ye sab apkay karam say hai.

Home About us Imam Syed B. He disliked their standing for him for that reason.

This answer is not complete except if it is first conceded that the Companions rose up for no-one. The answer to both questions is no. If we get together and do something in order to approach the Prophet, we are doing something to approach Allah, and approaching the Prophet will make Allah happy with us. Prithibite Eto Bhasha Nei.

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The scholars of manasik rites of Pilgrimage recommend these phrases, moreover, when visiting the Prophet in Madina. Aur Arab ke saare qabeele inki hi nasl se hain. Bajhche Damama Badhre Amama.

They may have penetrated many mosques and Islamic centers, but they are very easily unmasked. He asked about that day and they told him that on that day, Allah saved their Prophet, Sayyidina Musa and drowned their enemy. Tarabite Cholo - O - Mumin. Chad Uteche Ramzaner Elor Ramzan.

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