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More detailed definitions can be found below. The steps below are generally followed with a goal of obtaining acceptance for each of the five criteria. Linearity represents the change in accuracy through the expected operating range of a measurement device.

Ensuring the measurements taken by appraiser s for the process indicate stability and consistency over time. This would represent a set of data with an acceptable mean on target but too much variance high standard deviation. Furthermore, if any issues should arise, a new study can be performed on the gage and the results compared to the previous data to determine if a change has occurred. When gathering data only collect with the acceptable limits where there is proven linearity.

Other times, there may be a build up of dirt, dust, or contamination. The parts were not properly snapping together to form an even surface or would not lock in place. When this measurement data is being used to make decisions regarding the process and the business in general it is vital that the data is accurate. This is the essence of Six Sigm a.

If using a weigh scale, verify it with a known and calibrated weight. It includes both repeatability and reproducibility, can not be separated. The difference from the true value and the value from the measurement system. It is not possible to shift the mean with sustainability without having process control control over sources of variation.

Process capability can not be determined with reliability if the measurements the data are suspect. Confirm that the measurement system used to collect the data is valid.

The Master Sample To perform a study, you should first obtain a sample and establish the reference value compared to a traceable standard. If the repeatability value is large in comparison to the reproducibility value, it would indicate a possible issue with the gage used for the study. To perform a study, you should first obtain a sample and establish the reference value compared to a traceable standard. One source that links the most common Six Sigma material with examples, tools, iso 27799 and templates. When using an optical comparator to get a higher resolute data point there is subjectivity where to place the template or the starting and end point s on the shadow.


Special cause variation can also occur within the process control limits and these must be given corrective action before proceeding to validate the measurement system. The results showed no clear correlation between anything - in spite of years of anecdotal evidence to the contrary!

Each tool should have the correct level of discrimination and resolution to obtain useful data. By using this Site you consent to the use of cookies. The measurement system shall be sensitive to change and capable of detecting change. Today manufacturing companies gather massive amounts of information through measurement and inspection. The operator may need additional training on the proper use of the gage or a fixture may be required to assist the operator in using the gage.

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Measurements that were being used to control processes were often leading to adjustments that actually increased variation! Adversely, if the reproducibility value is large in comparison with the repeatability value, it would indicate the variation is operator related.


Data collected should be evaluated for bias, stability and linearity. We have become a data driven society. In destructive testing such as tensile testing these reading will not be possible and some statistical software programs have options to select for destructive testing. The process, the tools being used gages, fixtures, instruments, etc.

There are other methods that can be used to evaluate measurement systems. Prior to analyzing the data and or the gages, tools or fixtures we must determine the type of data being collected. The range of the three measurements for each part is shown on the right. The process was audited and found that the parts were being produced out of spec.

The process tolerance is the difference in the specification limits. It is also possible to be accurate without being precise. Search Six Sigma related job openings. The sum of these two values represents the total variation in a measurement system. Good reliable data can prevent wasted time, labor and scrap in a manufacturing process.

Precision is the ability to have the same repetitive result or appraisal in this case. Many software programs will have these as options when analyzing data and will even indicate the point s and test that each failed.

Measurement Systems Analysis is a key step to any process improvement effort. Variation in the measurement process can directly contribute to our overall process variability. All of these possible sources of variation should be considered during Measurement System Analysis. Common educational requirements for certification.

You can download free trial versions of several software packages through the Toolbox. Measure to as much resolution as possible and practical. Everyday our lives are being impacted by more and more data.

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Use hardness blocks to verify hardness testers. In others words, there is a lot of unpredictability or variation. In other words, it does not mean that your shots are accurate. Accuracy versus Precision.

Stability is the total variation spread and shape of the data distribution of the measurements using the same parts, measured using the same gauge over a long period of time. By understanding existing measurement systems a team can better understand the data provided by those systems and make better business decisions. An ineffective measurement system can allow bad parts to be accepted and good parts to be rejected, resulting in dissatisfied customers and excessive scrap. If you take a look at the group the center mean may be on the bulls eye but the shots are not in control or precise.

Use gage blocks for calipers or micrometers. Depending on the cost and time involved you can add more appraisers and measurements and replications. Experience indicated that there were several process and environmental characteristics that influenced the process yield. However, the parts must be identified so the person entering the data into the statistical software enters the reading under the correct part. Test your knowledge with sample certification problems.

Detailed information on the use of cookies on the moresteam. We could be making incorrect decisions or producing non-conforming parts.

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Data Classifications Prior to analyzing the data and or the gages, tools or fixtures we must determine the type of data being collected. It can also include a collection of gages, fixtures, software and personnel required to validate a particular unit of measure or make an assessment of the feature or characteristic being measured. Avoid writing down measurements and then typing them into a statistical program. It does not mean that they are near the bulls eye. If your measurement system requires measurements to the hundredths x.

Measurement System Analysis