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Yeah, Andrew could be the person that takes Edward down. Ian poked about Alex, which again raised suspicions with Lushion.

Lovin U Is Wrong lyrics by LIL PHAT & WEBBIE

Ralston did not switch the paternity test and that she was willing to testify in court, but was speechless when she learned that Randal was going to be attending the board meeting. By using this site, you agree to its use of cookies. Rick seems to be getting quite close to Kelly and updated her on the latest developments involving her case.

If Loving you and Close to Home is my favorite. Also, Eddie surprises Esperanza and is angered by his discovery. We have been checking the schedule each night until I saw this.

It looks like Ian might be a good guy after all America, so much for the doubts that I had. When Bennett came home he found Tanya drawing a painting of a naked Randal peering outside his window. Why do good shows have to end so soon? The series is produced under the banner of prolific producer Tyler Perry, and it airs on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Stream, Download, Buy, Rent.

Why cancel some of the best intense shows on t. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This was the episode that just keeps on giving. Our community and other male friends are fans of these stories.

It focuses on the lives and relationships of a group of five husbands and wives who live on the same street Castillo Lane in the fictional community of Maxine. Watch If Loving You is Wrong. What is the exact days for the final shoes of Hahn an if loving you bbq is wrong premiering.

Lovin U Is Wrong lyrics by LIL PHAT & WEBBIE

It is a shame that these have to be cancelled. Select the sources you want displayed in the episode guide. Why are they being cancelled? Oprah Winfrey Network original programming. Sweet, Connect to Amazon Prime!

Now Alex has to stare into it openly. It looks like Esperanza is on the fence about making this move. Thank you Tyler Perry for your brilliant, creative mind!

Start your free trial now. Good luck Tyler Perry on your new business adventure. Randal was an erratic mess, and I was living for every moment of it. Larry seemed gleeful in punishing Eddie, as did Steven, as it became clear Esperanza was nervous of making the move that she was about to make.

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Webbie Lovin You Is Wrong Lyrics

Oh, this is looking good people. Edward attempted to cozy up to Lushion, who was not buying a single moment from his frenemy and his attempt to gain information. Our website uses cookies to improve your experience.

What does this song mean to you? Both shows have intense story lines. Kelly's mental state has the ladies worried for her life. Facebook Instagram Tumblr Twitter.

Lovin You Is Wrong Lyrics

Please reconsider and bring them back. Follow Twitter Facebook Pinterest Instagram.

Why cancel the the Haves and have not and also If Loving you is wrong, parineeti chopra images just move them another channel. If Loving You is Wrong News. Did you know that men are watching and wonder what happened to the shows especially If loving you is wrong.

The question is who he suspects trashed his house. Renewal Scorecard Cancelled Or Renewed?

In this soap opera, the residents of a middle-class community hide secrets that underlie their romances, betrayals, political alliances and transgressions. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds.


The team typically replies in a few minutes. He is going to flip out wondering who sent him a clear message. Steven realized that his flame is scared of Eddie and I can sense that this might be a stunt that sends her former hubby down a darker path than ever before.

Randal secretly undermines Marcie in her attempts to hire legal counsel. Ian was quite detailed in his account of meeting Jennifer sometime ago at the Maxine Hotel, and I seriously suspect Alex has a twin or something because this twist is certainly taking me for a loop.

Bennett was not pleased to learn from Natalie that Randal has been taunting his wife. Your email address will not be published.

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Tyler Perry is an excellent writer and producer and I would hate to see these two shows cancelled after such a short run. All three shows will conclude by the end of the season.

Meanwhile, Randal has found something to dig into. Alex confessed to the Medical Board that Dr. To be honest it seems like karma to say the least, and he has no idea what chaos is headed his way when he enters his home.