What is the front to rear weight ratio? Thin plates called shims are stacked on top and bottom of the piston covering the ports. Selecting the shock you need depends on your driving style, your vehicles specific configuration and its intended use. To measure, select the area or distance measure tool.

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What type of terrain will you encounter? If you are driving a competition only rig and are looking to save weight above all else, air shocks may be the right shock for you. Water has a low viscosity, honey has a high viscosity. New selection Add to selection.

If you are building a new vehicle or upgrading an existing one, King Shocks has what you need to get the most performance possible out of your suspension. King County makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, kundli online in gujarati or rights to the use of such information.

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Basic information needed when ordering shocks. No one knows who will be the next victim.

They should be located away from potential spills of flammable liquids like fuel, oil or transmission fluid. Letner finished over four minutes ahead of second place overall finisher and King Shocks teammate, Jason Voss.

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Smoothie shocks with external reservoirs can be fitted with the Wide Range Compression Adjuster that allows you to change the compression valving from very soft to very firm with the twist of a knob. As the shaft cycles in and out, the piston is pushed and pulled through the fluid. Clear search results Parcel number Address. In order to select the correct shock you need to determine what each shock type does.

Shocks should be exposed to direct airflow when possible to aid cooling and isolated from external heat sources like coolers, turbochargers or exhaust pipes. They are position sensitive, which means they are able to individually control the amount of damping in several stages as the piston cycles up and down. Advanced tools Select parcels. Now he has a prestigious Baja victory to add to his credentials. Thinner shims will create less resistance making the shock softer.

You will need to determine the desired ride height, which is measured from the lowest point on the chassis to level ground. Bypass shocks are necessary if you are subjecting your vehicle to high speeds over rough terrain. King Shocks got their start building custom shocks over a decade ago and they continue to excel at it to this day. Care needs to be taken when welding or grinding.

The suspension will need to be cycled from full extension to full compression so usable suspension travel including articulation on straight axle applications can be measured. The right shocks will enhance all aspects of your driving experience including traction, braking and steering. To stop measuring and clear the results, de-select the tool by clicking it again. The other end of the shock is a shaft that mounts to the moving parts of your suspension.

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Stock vehicles are sometimes limited when it comes to shock upgrades due to clearance issues that may exist. Whether you are restoring a vintage racer, building a monster truck, or in the conceptual stage of a brand new chassis, we have the knowhow and the tools necessary to help you accomplish your goals. The weight of the vehicle will be needed to help determine spring rate. When the valve is closed down, less fluid is able to pass firm. Shock shafts extend and compress in a linear path while most suspension components travel in an arc.

If you plan on running on the trail or the street for any length of time it becomes an issue. The heat dissipates the energy produced as the suspension cycles. King County Assessor Lot lines are approximate. The tubes are arranged on the outside of the shock according to the intended application.

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Several reservoir styles are available. Grinding sparks and weld splatter can damage shafts, hoses and shock bodies. The ports open and close depending on the velocity or speed of the piston moving through the shock fluid. Bypass shocks provide externally adjustable damping.

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The information included on this map has been compiled by King County staff from a variety of sources and is subject to change without notice. View King County social media. King Shocks has a comprehensive product line with shocks available for any application from stock trucks to all out race vehicles. He also became the first Mexican National to earn an X Games gold medal.

There are no scruples here. Shocks are comprised of a body that is in the form of a tube that attaches to the chassis of the vehicle in most cases. Nitrogen expands when it gets hot and contracts when it cools. Viscosity is the property of resistance to flow. This document is not intended for use as a survey product.

Bypass tubes are welded to the outside of the shock body that allow the shock fluid to flow around the piston. In a lightweight rock crawler that only travels a few hundred yards during a full day of competition this is not a problem. Smoothie shocks are used with an existing means of supporting the vehicle like leaf springs, torsion bars or coils.

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Any sale of this map or information on this map is prohibited except by written permission of King County. Lot lines are approximate.

The same thing happens in reverse when the gas inside cools. Make sure hoses will not rub against the chassis or body panels or come in contact with sharp objects that may cut into the hose. There is one constant that never changes, King Shocks can and will, build whatever shock is necessary to provide the maximum suspension performance for your vehicle. As the piston moves through the fluid, the shims flex, opening the ports and allowing the fluid to pass through. The heat causes the gas inside an air shock to expand which then extends the shock and changes the damping, it gets stiff.

In this most sinister of institutions, the director, Mrs. When clamping remote reservoirs locate the hose clamps at either end of the reservoir to allow expansion and prevent crushing the cylinder.

King Smoothie shocks are custom built in several lengths and mounting options to fit your vehicle. As each new victim disappears to Back Half, Luke becomes more and more desperate to get out and get help. Head over to their site to give it a read. If you go along, you get tokens for the vending machines. The victory marks his fourth Vegas to Reno overall win in five years and distances himself further ahead in the overall Best in the Desert points championship.