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Simran is shown falling through the air. Aakash tells Simran that he cares for her despite her past, and their relationship gradually develops from friendship to love.

Gangster is a Indian romantic thriller film. For other uses, aandhi movie songs see Gangster disambiguation. Gangster was a hit at the box office.

He urged people to donate clothes, medicines and contributions when devastating floods hit Assam. Simran arrives at the appointed time to find Daya badly injured from his fight with Khan.

When she reaches the embassy, she enters a room full of reporters and sees a large screen showing a video of her telling Aakash about her relationship with Daya. Khan and his men severely beat and wound Daya, who is eventually able to fight back and kills Khan.

She is thunderstruck when she sees that the one addressing the media is none other than Aakash, who is actually an undercover Indian detective hired to capture Daya. Garg also has acted in few Assamese films. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Zubeen Garg. She later goes to Aakash's residence and, forcefully entering his house with a gun, shoots and fatally injures him.

Singer musician composer lyricist music producer actor film director film producer. They took a small boy named Bittu with them. Vocals tabla keyboard drum dhol guitar. He is tried and sentenced to death.

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Aakash dies in the hospital while Simran is transferred to the I. The music is composed by Pritam. At the same time, Daya is hanged. He encloses her fake passport and, stating his love for her, writes that he would feel better knowing that she is living safely in India. He was named after the composer Zubin Mehta and uses his gotra name, Garg, as his surname.

Daya gives up murdering innocents and begins working odd jobs, admitting to Simran that he has found peace in doing honest work. He tells her that he never cared for her and that his involvement with her was only a part of his duty to end organised crime and bring justice to his country. Enraged, Simran tries to attack him, but she is stopped by security.

Daya, who is still in Dubai, suddenly comes to Seoul. He says that he would like to return to his village in India with her, so that they might live there peacefully. When she tells Aakash, he meets her and tells her he would like to marry her, but they will never find peace as long as Daya is at large. There is no unnecessary bluster or melodrama, and he does a pretty believable job.

Simran Kangana Ranaut drowns her misery in booze. He got the biggest break in Bollywood in the film Gangster.

The complete album consisted of five original tracks and four remixes. His discography songs in various Indian languages.

List of songs recorded by Zubeen Garg. Simran remains at the station until morning and then goes to meet Aakash, whom she finds is not at home. At dawn she escapes to the roof, where she commits suicide by jumping off the roof.

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After reading Daya's letter, Simran is left pained and guilty. Zubeen Garg Official Website. Before Simran can respond, the police arrive in pursuit of Daya and Simran.

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Before he lapses into unconsciousness, Aakash shoots her in the shoulder and they are found and taken to a hospital. She and Daya were forced to flee to Seoul. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He manages to crawl to Simran and takes out a box of sindoor for her. This film's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed.

Garg's father Mohini Borthakur is also a poet and lyricist writing under the name Kapil Thakur. Hers is the pivotal character and an extremely difficult role to essay, but she manages it well. Simran, who is still emotionally attached to Daya, refuses. The soundtrack is composed by Pritam.

After an encounter with the Mumbai police, Bittu was killed, causing a strain in the couple's relationship and pushing Simran toward alcoholism. She is soon informed that he is at the Indian embassy. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. When he learns of Simran's affair with Aakash, he attacks and severely beats him in a fit of rage and jealousy.

Download Ya Ali Remix (From Gangster ) KK mp3 song Belongs To Hindi Music

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But just as he reaches and embraces her, they are surrounded by police cars. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.