Their aunt tells them they can't go, so they sneak out while she is sleeping. We are offering all new customers in Free items for their events. Dylan Rudee's life is an epic fail. It will likely be fun for middle grade readers who enjoy gaming and fast paced books. In order to save his sister and his friends, Dylan must solve a dangerous mystery in three days and uncover secrets about Xamaica, his family, and himself.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Still, props for the bountiful variety of characters.

Gameworld by Christopher John Farley

The aloof teenage daughter of the game's maker, Ines, accompanies them into this strange world with her own hidden agenda. Trying to be a good uncle I decided I'd read the first few chapters to get a feel for the book so I could have some talking points with her about the book. Emma goes missing, so Dylan, Eli and Ines attempt to get her back while also trying to figure out how to restore the magic.

Gameworld by Christopher John FarleyGSC Game World

Besides this though he is your typical male lead and not really remarkable. The thing i liked about this book is that there is an end goal that gets solved in the ending during a final battle. The climatic fight was interesting however I did feel like there was more talking than actual battle.

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Eli was the smarts of the group, and he also knew how to hack because he always carried a computer with him and his wheelchair. She fell flat to me in terms of character. Like I don't really understand why he is the main lead. Nonstandard protagonists, a fantasy world that is vastly underused, and a unique writing style all combine into a winner. Her smartness is what made me like her I guess.

Farley I didn't mean to read this, but really glad I did. From the cover and title I was sold this was something she would like.

In fact, looking back on it, I think this is the issue I had with all three of the main characters, I think all three of them didn't have enough dept for me. Sporting Activities Fast Pitch Cage.

Haven't received my copy yet, just received notice I had won. If Dylan can win the top prize, he just might be able to change his life. Dylan and Emma are being raised by their aunt since their parents died, and she has just told them they were going to have to move because her work has been pulled. This novel is ideal for ten-to-fifteen-year-olds who enjoy a good video game as well as an exciting novel. Called Xamaica, filled with magic and multiple challenges, this world is not what they had expected.

Well anyway, after reading it I can say it is quite different than any of those! Quarterback Football Toss. They just all seemed one-noted and not real.

Overall, the writing was weak and the plot was very predictable. The main premise that a video game is real has been done before, and done better. It turns out that Dylan is the greatest gamer anyone has ever seen, and his skills unlock a real-life fantasy world inside the game.

Props for the Caribbean setting and one of the main character Twelve-year-old Dylan, his sister, and his best friend end up in a video game world that is a parallel of Jamaica. Dylan's one chance to help hi Haven't received my copy yet, just received notice I had won. Had a really unique approach, but parts of it just felt bizarre and I wasn't getting sucked in. The premise for the plot is overused, and although the actual setting of a Jamaica-like world is a cute idea, smarty uninstaller it doesn't save it. The final one of the main trio is Ines.

At about pages, the pace is fast, but sometimes I wish more time was spent on certain scenes. Although whether or not that particular audience will be inclined to pick up a book, I don't know. Dylan is the main guy of the trio.

While this book had its moments, it also had a lot of loose ends what happens with the aunt who gets fired? He is always fighting alongside Dylan and Ines. Anyway, to wrap this review up, as I am very tired right now, this book has a great overall premise. Who will succeed at the game?

Books by Christopher John Farley. The characters needed a bit more polishing and I have to say, I hate it when writers try to throw in a romance when it isn't really needed but it is a fun read. Next thing I knew I was finishing the book. It was a really good book with a good storyline. His wheelchair is as much a part of him as his hair or eye colour.

GSC Game World

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In short, his disability is not made the focus of his character. And the meat of the story is pretty good. Game World is sort of like a Jamaican spin on Jumangi to me.

Knocker Ball or Bubble Soccer. Diverse cast and lovely mythology, but a tired hook and flat writing. Twelve-year-old Dylan, his sister, and his best friend end up in a video game world that is a parallel of Jamaica. Heck, I was more upset by a scene involving a Jamaican spider than with these guys.

Gameworld by Christopher John Farley. Gameworld is a fiction book in which the characters go into to a video game to save their sister. They get separated from Emma and go on an amazing journey to find her and save the game world called Xamaica. Nine Hole Inflatable Golf. All the flat characters and dragging plot frustrated me.

Well, I want to love this book, with its diverse cast and elements drawn from Jamaican folklore. Some of the situations were reminiscent of a Harry Potter style of book. Big Baller Interactive Inflatable. They are whisked off by the company owner's celebrity daughter, Ines, and with some clever work, are sucked into the world of the video game. All the flat I thought this book might entice my reluctant, video game-loving students to pick up a book.

An excellent mix of magic, Jamaican culture, and friendship. Other than him, we have his best friend Eli, the nerdy one who can hack into systems and is bound by a wheelchair. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Farley combines Jamaican folklore and video game culture to create a solid world for these engaging and human characters to quest through.

GSC Game World

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. For people who do not know, it is Log Horizon. There, they meet an abundance of mythological creatures and find that the magic in Xamaica is being drained away. However, although I am rarely this blunt, I have to say that this book is just bad. It was overall a great book.