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Flow Lines connect decks that share the same key. You can click anywhere in the Audio Wave, and Flow will smoothly cross-fade into that section of the track. You can choose a different path through each track. Beyond Beatmatching Book We wrote a book about how to get club residences and play amazing gigs. Dimensional Mixing You can choose a different path through each track.

Flow was launched by the award-winning team that created Mixed In Key. Start with basic mixing to learn Flow. Basic waveform Advanced Flow waveform.

Every track you play becomes your own personal remix. It makes it easier to find great music inside your own music collection. All you need is a laptop no sound card, or controller needed. Clean up and improve your Serato, Traktor and iTunes playlists. When you jog wheel into a new segment, Flow will gently cross-fade into it.

You can play tracks per hour, sampling your favorite classics, acapellas, and loops that you love. These cue points are fully customizable. It will help you clean up your meta-data.

Accelerate your music production! Use your favorite controller to load tracks even faster.

Flow DJ Software

All our award-winning Mixed In Key algorithms are also part of Flow. Use the best Harmonic Mixing technology. We give you a day money-back guarantee with every purchase. It helps you see which songs are mellow, which are good for the middle of your set, and which are huge festival anthems.

This is our ultra-fast audio editor. You can use Flow to play Stems on all your current Native Instruments controllers.

Improve your whole music collection. Upgrade to the Master Collection.

Our software will analyze your music collection and find the most accurate Mixed In Key result for every track. This software normalizes and masters your music collection to give each track perfect volume, perfect pitch, no clipped peaks, and gentle warmth. This software helps you write melodies, recovery software cnet basslines and chord progressions.

You'll be able to play a perfect mashup between those songs. Play the most exciting drop. When the melody takes up more height, it means it's getting louder. Software to use live on stage. Flow helps you create playlists for different vibes and moods.

Mixed In Key Flow DJ Software Launched Try It For Free

Filter out frequencies you don't want, for smoother mixing. We stand behind our software.

If you want to change something or start from scratch, there's a easy-to-use wizard that walks you through the mapping step-by-step. New software to help you write hit music. Make your audience dance harder when you twist the Energy knob, which adds intensity to your music. Drop in your whole music collection.

You can skip the Verse, play a longer Chorus, and extend the breakdown or any other idea you can think of. You can also loop any segment and tweak the sound with effects. You can remix live by playing the exact part of the song that you love. They are fully supported inside Flow. Instead of playing it unchanged from beginning to end, you can re-arrange the track live, without skipping a beat.

Mixed In Key and Flow were built by the same team. Odesi Music Composition This software helps you write melodies, basslines and chord progressions. When you click on any of your cue points, Flow will seamlessly fade into that section of the track.

Lock your music to the perfect Beatgrid

Sample the bits that sound really good to you. You can use Flow to play Stems on all your current Numark controllers.

Dimensional Mixing

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We wrote a book about how to get club residences and play amazing gigs. Push to load a track, and skip ahead to the loop you want to play. View all Mixed In Key products. You can play low energy songs during the beginning of the night, and bangers during the peak-time. Here, you can create your own playlists and get your music organized to play live.

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