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But do science speed-dating events themselves ever result in tangible outcomes? Like with almost any good idea, Speed Dating started with a glass of wine, conversation and a lot of laughter. But the heart of the movie is its central minute section, in which eight men and eight women take part in a speed-dating sesh.

Loverd explained that it's not always possible to track outcomes because networking often happens at and after these events, off the program's radar. Almost everyone has had an experience like that. We were encouraged to bring a prop we could carry in our hands, but no Powerpoint slides or video clips were allowed. The thirtysomethings are as obsessed about public transport and allergies as they are about loneliness and romantic dreams.

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Filmmaker Meghann Artes wanted to make a film that people were able to relate to, and what better relations can people have than failed relationship. Following her love for what pixilation allows her to achieve, Meghann is currently in the concept stage for a new film that she says is going to be different in tone and style than her previous work. Ralf Westhoff Filmproduktion, Munich. On Speed Dating I got to work with a large cast, including over thirty extras, denny coughlin dating websites and a full film crew.

The seven audiences were welcoming and attentive, often sending me off to the next room as I caught my breath with a cheer. We can each probably name a favorite. Any entertainment professional who calls that line with a question about Science, Engineering, or Medicine will be connected to a field expert for free. We mean for it to be an ideal way to spark a new project idea for a writer in a single night. Meanwhile, have you got seven minutes to spare?

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Dating can often become a complicated thing, and when things become desperate you often try to speed things off. Looking for inspiration, I opened some wine, called up one of my best friends and began to reminisce on the time we both went speed dating. We moved on to the subject of dating in general and memories of dates that went less than perfectly. Meanwhile I will start training my beard to do some of the stuff that guy was doing. We hope to help flip the statistics by showing the world what we want, not what we have.

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But I spend a lot of time out in the world watching, listening, meeting, and greeting. Directed, written by Ralf Westhoff. Extended coda, which follows a handful of subsequent hookups, is both funny and romantic, set in the streets and bars of an attractive-looking Munich. Technical package is good-looking, sans extra gloss.

And an amazing database of scientists and engineers who have previously worked with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine that provides me with endless options. Opening reel intros some of the characters, and the final half-hour follows up on the results of some of the encounters.

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But the truth of it is that our audiences seem to love all the talks. News stories and podcasts and word of mouth are also great ways for me to discover people. But the absurd cast of characters she encounters makes her wonder if being single is not so bad after all. Participants are all from Munich and are looking for partners. Setting is a plain white hall, with no distractions.