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This new collection of original documents from Cambridge Archive Editions allows scholars to form their own opinions on this most controversial, and critical, series of events. Intelligence on the Middle East, Contains full-text documents from U. For the greater part of his career he has lived and worked in Greece. Government Documents at Cornell. Negotiations culminating in the Constantinople Protocol, v.

Mandate for Palestine United States. English This important regional study provides historical research materials on the Hijaz province before its incorporation into the modern Saudi Kingdom. The following are merely a few highlights from the c. Further delimitation efforts and disputes over Pusht-i-Kuh and Khotour, v.

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English, with some documents in Arabic or French. The series originated out of a need for the British Government to preserve all of the most important papers generated by the Foreign and Colonial Offices. As far as possible an attempt has been made to provide research resources specific to Jerusalem and excluding material relating to Palestine in general. This work is therefore an essential complement to our companion works on Saudi and Hashimite history. Education, particularly in Bahrain, is regularly reported on as well as developments in health and medical care.

Records of the Hijaz addresses aspects of Ottoman rule, Turkish-Arab relations, administration under Egyptian occupation, and power struggles within the ruling regime. Political, commercial, regional and tribal affairs are all covered and there is extensive material on the main cities of Jeddah, Yenbo, Mecca and Medina. Negotiations culminating in the Treaty of Erzeroum, v. The political history of Palestine under British administration Great Britain. As British involvement in the Arab Gulf states increased so did the range of material included in the reports.

English Some text in French. Its objectives were closer unity between members, the safeguarding of their sovereignty and co-ordinated political action. Broader questions including the territorial limits and administration of Palestine and the origins of the state of Israel are covered in other related titles. Efforts of Delimitation Commission and preparation of maps of frontier zone, v. Lansing of New Brunswick and Rev.