Every distraction was washed off

Divyanka tripathi sharad malhotra dating

We must never lose our individuality. It was not imposed by anyone. We should help each other in growing rather than restricting ourselves while in a relation. So, I have now started looking for ways to be happy because before that all reasons were lost.

But as fate would have it, one of Telly land's most solid jodis, called it quits. As soon as the news hit leading tabloids, everyone wanted to know the reason for their breakup.

After certain ups and downs, a person does change and I have changed for good. Also I want companionship and friendship.

Pooja is undemanding and easy-going. Rumours are abuzz that the two have been spending a lot of time with each other lately. Thankfully, I broke my leg and my mother came and suddenly things became beautiful. Latest reports suggest that the two have been spending a lot of time with each other lately, and there might be something brewing between them.

And this news comes as a shock for Ssharad's fans. Thankfully this fracture happened and all negativity went away. There should be equal reciprocation of love and warmth from him. So, there was a bhabhi like respect coming in from all quarters. And now the Kasam Tere Pyar Ki actor is shattered and heartbroken.

Now that I am growing, I wont expect anything out of him. People saw me as a devoted, homely girl. Laughs I am open to everything right now whether love or arranged. We wonder if his marriage phobia has anything to do with his relationships. This sudden change in usual life was more devastating and it made me cry.

It is just plain simple love. Earlier, I was stuck to one routine which involved one more person Ssharad. Elders bring you back to original state of mind. Normal is something that is usual. So life was different then.

Earlier I was stuck

Even though I am an actor, by nature I am what you could call a homely girl. The co-stars have however denied the same. For me, it is important to have a nice, beautiful and sorted life which is difficult, of course, but it is important to adjust.

You can't be evading marriage all your life. Their support has been overwhelming.

Rumours suggested that it was Divyanka who pulled the plug, due to Ssharad's growing closeness with his Maharana Pratap co-star Rachna Parulkar. You see, we are always under pressure to perform.

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