Worldwide Net ranking System

Distributed cache updating using dynamic source routing protocol

Distributed collaborative key agreements for dynamic peer groups. Alert based monitoring of stock trading systems. Provably secure three-party authentication quantum key Distribution protocols. When a link failure is detected, the algorithm notifies all reachable nodes that have cached the link in a distributed manner. Distributed Computing for e-learning.

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Revealing and elimination of cracks on paints. Speech comparison using neural networks. Automatic prayer time via sms. Xin Yu Abstract On-demand routing protocols use route caches to make routing decisions. Detect network status and alert by message.

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Estimating construction cost for buildings. Development of a split screen application for the data entry of the shipments. Learning and matching of dynamic shape for human action recognition.

Distributed collaborative key agreementsAlert based monitoring of stock trading

In this paper, we propose to proactively disseminate the broken link information to the nodes that have that link in their caches. Automating the process of resume writing scheme. Financial analysis database system for investment decision.

Each node maintains in its cache table the information necessary for cache updates. Predicting Missing Items in Shopping Carts. Text file hiding in audio wav files using low bit encoding stenography. Ranking and Suggesting Popular Items.