The time arrives for Hans to leave

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Lene observes that at least

They agree they will try again when they get used to each other. It's like she is saying, oh that's natural because she's Jewish you know. She is from Nuremburg and they are engaged. Hans tells Lene that he wants her to go to the countryside. Lene shows him that something's wrong with her face.

Lene observes that at least there's no photograph of Hitler over their bed. Today she is going to the ceremony. The news of the day is their Fuhrer Adolf Hitler died today fighting the Bolsheviks. Sis baby sits Anna so the couple can be alone.

He really spanks her hard and long. Only Anna's cries prevented Lene from killing herself. Ulrich and his wife, sis and Hans sit at the table having fun. But, says sister, they are Jews. Hans accuses her of having had another man.

Lenne and Hans try to have sex. Now she had to hide the left side of her face from everyone. Hans tells her that for Germany it will either be victory or destruction.

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Ulrich notices a black-haired woman named Lene who he knows. She starts her story by saying that her father Hans was rowing on a lake with his Nazi friend, Ulrich. Lene runs over to her and says it's okay. And then out of nowhere comes the facial paralysis of the left side of Lene's face.

Hans just laughs at the idea. Lene tells her husband twice that she doesn't want to live anymore. After the raids are finished, she walks over to where her house once stood.