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The first is the torture scene while she's tied to the X-frame, then you have her stretched on the rack, and finally the burning at the stake scene at the end. Amazingly, she doesn't wake up, but he chickens out and puts her clothes back on.

Like John, I would give it them an A. It sounds like you pull out your reluctant dominant side and Peter suppresses his natural dominant side to shoot custom requests. What happens next gives a whole new meaning to the term hot smoking pussy.

The first is the torture

In fact, I'm betting that you and Ralphus have images that I have not seen. She screams and her feet spasm like the helpless flippers of snared seal but there is no escape from her masters love of helpless girls in pain. So I have joined the mass of those who skirt the system.

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Her struggle to keep her sanity requires as much effort as struggling against physical bonds.

Amazingly she doesn't wake up but

She has control, at least partially.

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Somehow, I think Tarantino and the people who work for him keep missing the key element of exploit ation. If everyone is getting stuff for free, trust me, someone is getting burned. You can see her wide eyes and gagged mouth as she cowers behind the curtain, helplessly.

The ending is rushed, as if Franco found himself running out of time and money again.