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This marriage lasted until when they declared their official separation. In order to keep both actors on the show, Drake's story was retconned and his past rewritten. Louis Cardinals and the New York Yankees. She just mentioned that they grew up together and faced monsters together and they would still be friends forever. He attended the University of South Florida in Tampa on a baseball scholarship, majoring in pre-dentistry.

In between her multiple marriages, Hall also had an active dating life. Hall's role in the television was not a planned event nor did she know she would come to be an actress one day.

Dubelko but got divorced two years later. She had two sons born by a surrogate mother during this relationship. The star is a big accomplishment because only the most notable public figures receive one. In fact it turned out that John was not really dead at all, but had been abducted by long-time nemesis Stefano DiMera. It was rumored that she did not come out of the closet because it would ruin the romantic sagas in her television roles.

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Longtime Days co-star Suzanne Rogers is featured in the program. He was set to star in both until the filming of the pilot episode of Kelly, Kelly conflicted with his schedule on Days and the role went to Robert Hays. Famous Roles Deidre is most known for her role as Dr. Hall initially reacted without concern on playing on two television series at a time, explaining that she filmed Our House on weekdays while taping Days of our Lives on Saturdays.

She dated Ned Randolph in s. Dubelko, the couple tried artificial insemination six times and also underwent a surgery to overcome her infertility. Pregnancy Issues While married to Michael J. Her sister, Andrea Hall, played the evil twin, Samantha in the show.