Inherently, it's a selfish thing

Dating your best friends ex bro code violation

Approach these questions with the maximum possible skepticism about yourself. Example, dam man you got really goofy shoes.

Edit Often after a lengthThe Dating Nerd is a shadowy

It's a fun illusion, which, if pursued, might reveal a great relationship, or might not. But sometimes, you have to do inadvisable things for love. To deny a fist bump is no light thing, and should only be done when there is very great disapproval of an action. Accordingly, you should treat this like any other important decision, which is to say that you should get as much information as possible.

The Dating Nerd is a shadowy figure whose whereabouts and identifying details remain unknown. Edit Often after a length of time, a girl whom you may have an interest in will display that you are her friend.

And under no circumstances shall it be broken. As punishment Cain was doomed to walk the earth alone.

If you feel fluttery every time you talk to a pretty girl, keep that in mind. All things done by a drunk bro must be forgiven. If you're currently lonely and you really need to get laid, consider that maybe you're just desperate. This is the most important role a bro may play for a bro, and may not be violated or debauched. We have a real connection.

Ultimately, dating a friend's ex is inadvisable. It is the very essence of the bro code, and embodies the true awesomeness that is bro love.

Now, if you're sure that this is not you, that this is Real Love you're looking at, then what you have to do is tell your friend what's up. Never take your bro-mance too far. This rule of the bro code is what sets the male gender apart from the female gender. All of those old wounds stick around, just waiting to be re-opened.

Like I said, this is a tough one. The bro life is like being in Jedi training camp.

Tom found out, and he never forgave me. That's the truth of the situation. Because, again, you're declaring to an old friend that you're prepared to disregard his feelings. Then you are absolved of any responsibility.