The show became a part of my life

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But let's be honest, zombies are pretty damn cool. That said, the confusing ride is worth taking.

When they kept showing the day after stuff I kept hoping they would show them together after the show ended. Insert a nuclear or solar catastrophe instead of the zombies and you would still have a compelling show. And there is a realism to how they are not only battling the Zombies but each other as well. Call it feminist, call it what you will, Call the Midwife is brave television. Watch the first three episodes of season one and you will be hooked.

The zombies simply serve as

House playing the part of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. What makes The Walking Dead so good is that it makes you really care about the characters. With a family to support and what appears to be a death sentence from cancer, he takes to using his knowledge of science to become a meth manufacturer. Like a good book you can't put down, Friday Night Lights does a good job of keeping you wanting to watch one episode after the next which you can easily do on Netflix streaming. And I have to admit I was jealous.

The show does a good job of delving into the back-stories of the women she is incarcerated with, often showing, given their lot in life how they were almost destined to end up where they are. Bonus points on seeing them on actual date after the show.

Part of the show's appeal is that whatever your morals may be, you can see the reasoning to why the protagonist does what he does and sympathize with him on some level. Chewing Gum can be a bit weird at times but also has laugh out loud moments and also some bittersweet ones. The monsters, ghosts, and things that go bump on the wall are off-screen, barely shown, or obscured by shadow. Thank you Netflix for rescuing a show that deserved to be saved. Think for a minute how you would interact with some of your neighbors, relatives and coworkers in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse.

Lost I can't even begin to

Lost I can't even begin to explain Lost except to say its awesome. The zombies simply serve as a catalyst for the real story which is how the characters deal with each other in an apocalyptic society. And it will become a part of yours too. The show is where Netflix made it's mark as the streaming juggernaut that it has become.

You can read his hilarious stream-of-consciousness here. First the good part of the finale Spoiler The outcome of the comedian and the transgender female was nice. Predictably meticulous in period detail, the ensemble drama brims with joy and compassion while maintaining a bracingly unromantic grip on pregnancy and parenthood.