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Having Linux support fall behind other platforms is a sad reality that I think Linux users need to be understanding of. This flexibility is important because it gives developers the freedom to make the right decisions based on the insights they've gained during development.

Some developers don't know about Linux, and so don't really plan for it. This is not the case on other platforms for the most part. Vampire Smile and a great many more. Plan for the port realistically. It's good to keep checking in too, so we can see how Linux has changed each time and if any new issues need addressing.

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Firstly, I think lack of awareness is a factor. The file sizes vary depending on the architecture you need. Many game developers are not even super users so getting around on a Linux distro can be a challenge to the average developer. Third party Linux porters often have to deal with decisions made by upstream developers that were not made in the best interests of Linux builds. Modern graphics programming has closed the gaps between the graphics pipelines, the older the pipeline the more time consuming a port will be.

Other well known developers were asked, but it seems others are too busy porting awesome games. You can also set to encrypt the Home Folder for this User. Realistically, it's often impossible to understand how long a problem will take to fix until after it's been resolved. For those not used to working with the debuggers available on Linux, embracing them can be an insurmountable challenge.

Also, programming is hard. Now, simply look through the menu and find the games you wish to play. Generally speaking, Linux games are subject to the same kinds of pressures and hurdles and timeframe adjustments that projects on any other platform are.

Eilly, Alyse, Morgan and Grant. So it's almost pointless to answer it just a single time without context.