Dating an athlete tumblr wallpaper

Dating an athlete tumblr wallpaper

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On top of that, he also impinged on some of the responsibilities of other high-ranking officials, which meant that he made some enemies among the influential families of Thebes. As the high priest of Amun, he commanded a high amount of influence, and he was well-rewarded for his loyalty. Both items are considered scepters, and there were other kinds of scepters that were often depicted with the pharaoh, the gods, priests and important officials.

Having highborn and well-connected wives may seem like a good way to drum up support, but in reality, it could also create succession struggles and clan disputes. Feel free to email me if there are corrections required.

As such, many of them were named in reliefs and inscriptions. Senenmut is holding ostraca, which are pieces of broken pottery that craftsmen used to plan or teach drawing or writing. They were cheap and widely used, and sketches were often made on these pottery for carvings before they were actually carved.

Obelisks were religious objects meant to be a stone representation of the first beams of light to illuminate the world, and their tops were covered with gold foil so they shone. Many Egyptian men and women also wore wigs made of human hair, which meant that Hatshepsut possibly had a shaven bald head. Apart from kohl made from lead, eye paint made from malachite, and red stains for cheeks and lips made from ochre, they also dyed their hair and painted their nails with henna. Hatshepsut built a temple for Pakhet, an obscure lion-headed goddess at Beni Hasan in Middle Egypt, which the Greeks later called Speos Artemidos after their own hunting goddess Artemis. They were often from old, distinguished Theban families where the positions were hereditary, and their fathers occupied similar positions before they took them over.

In his eyes, he was chosen and divine, and whether he truly believed it or not was irrelevant as this was how Egyptian pharaohs portrayed their kingship. This could indicate that his mother came from a commoner background. Thebes was the religious capital, and so at times, the Pharaoh would go to the ceremonial palace at the Entrance of Karnak on the east bank and attend to the priests in its audience hall. In it, Hatshepsut offered wine to the god Amun-Re, something only Pharaohs can do.

Ineni was already the royal architect and Overseer of Royal Buildings during the reign of Amenhotep I. Punt was not the first trading expedition Hatshepsut undertook. Instead, it was a political and religius office tied directly to the Pharaoh and his Great Wife or mother. This is an example of her influence years before she became Pharaoh.

They had a game, similar to hockey, that was played with a coloured ball and bats with a curved end made of long palm tree branches. In it, one story about the Old Kingdom had a trio of goddesses help the Lady Reddjedet give birth to three triplet sons born of Ra.

Other games involved a hoop and two sticks, where the two competitors tried to pull the hoop in their direction while making the hoop stay upright. Hatshepsut was the first of Egyptian Pharaohs to build extensively in sandstone instead of limestone, and the strength of sandstone allowed her to build larger and taller buildings than before. The audience hall and throne room would have been the centrepiece of the palace.

They had a game