They want to act tough like a man

Dating a woman from the ghetto

They have not made them selves desirable and will not listen to anyone that dare suggest they change their ways.

Same drama same

As for social stigma I really haven't had much of a problem telling people to screw off when it comes to my decisions so I think id b fine, and I mean my family isn't really bigoted or nething. Same drama, same attitude, which doesn't bode well especially for girls who don't look that great to begin with. However, I worry about what her fam would b like.

They want to act tough like a man. For me though it s been opportunity and fear I guess.

This is coming from a guy that grew up around them. If they weren't all fat, then maybe a few more guys might put up with them. But after my first semester of college these past months I've been defintiely meeting a ton of people so you never know who I could end up with. Also, they act like men, for the most part.

As for social stigma I really