Once again, we are not condoning

Dating a white girl vine

Being nice is

While Jasmine felt what Steve said was interesting, D. Now we are not condoning you to say this to your lady, but Steve seems to believe if you are with a woman who is white and this does utter out of your mouth, then you will be safe.

Jasmine comically thought that

Whatever it is, Steve believes that all niceness will only come from a White woman. Basically, Steve wants all the men to know that you can avoid dealing with all the mean sistas.

Well there seems to be mixed emotions on this one. Steve, on one side, believes that white women do wear weaves. Steve believes that your white woman will not hold you to such a high standard like they do to their pastors. But for all the men that do attempt this act, let us know if your lady actually did back-slap you in the face.

Once again, we are not condoning. Steve thinks this is an issue in Black women, but thinks you will have no worries about this when it comes to a white woman. They understand that a woman can be independent without emasculating every man in her path.

Being nice is not a crime. Jasmine comically thought that this one was obviously made up by Steve. Steve must believe that Black women have a tendency to nag. Alright, so basically Steve was interpreting that sistas hate when men cheat on them, but yet, they still continue to pursue Black men.