Possibly because I looked over him

Dating a guy smaller than me

Make sure you are very wellHe seems enamored enough with

Focus on all the good and gorgeous your body has. No need to hide your body from him. Even small amounts of weight loss will help with your confidence too. His gf inthethe other hand is exactly what he wants. Smooth, soft skin, nice hair and nails, all those things helps to make you feel more attractive.

He seems enamored enough with my body and sometimes I feel like a sexy marshmallow. Make sure you are very well groomed and smelling great to make you feel good, sexy, seductive. Eventually, I got comfortable enough to be naked in front of him. But he would always tell me how sexy he thinks I am and go nuts over my body. Some guys really do like bigger girls and find them more sexy.

Plump, round, soft, huggable, curvy. Maybe he wants to hug your belly like my friend does with his gf. Most women feel intimacy because of hugs and kisses and attention, which makes them want to have sex with a man.

So considering your Bf chose you at this weight, he likes you at this weight. His girlfriend weighs about lbs and is kind of an Apple shape. Men are the other way around. In short, he likes big girls, he just does.