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This option is useful in

You can also, using the filter attribute, restrict the results to match various criteria. Controlling Parallelism Sqoop imports data in parallel from most database sources.

Converting data between assemblies Coordinates of features frequently change from one assembly to the next as gaps are closed, strand orientations are corrected, and duplications are reduced. This option is useful in looking for regulatory regions.

Converting data between assemblies Coordinates

When you Execute SqlTool interactively, it behaves by default exactly as you would want it to. Chain tracks display boxes joined together by either single or double lines. The details link gives the letter-by-letter alignment of the sequence to the genome. This includes only cases where the transcription start is annotated separately from the coding region start. When too many hits occur, try resubmitting the query sequence after filtering in slow mode with RepeatMasker.

Release the mouse button when the track is in the desired position. Quotes and Spaces Single and double-quotes are not treated specially by SqlTool. Syn - Lineups on the same chromosome as the gap in the level above it. The main assembly is contained in the chrN. The search returns only those images that match all the specified criteria.