Krazy and Flav speak intimately

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Flav turns and bids farewell to Krazy but mistakenly calls her Deelishis. She later says she got a certificate, which amuses everyone. Flav gives chase and asks her to spend the night with him, which New York later reveals was her plan. That night during elimination, Flav eliminates Krazy because he suspects she is only on the show to further her singing career. After entertaining the crowd, La La, and the girls, Flavor Flav appears.

After they shower they leave the winery and go to the Pechanga Resort and Casino where Bootz and New York prepare for dinner. The show ends with New York's mother yelling, insisting that New York is coming home right now. That night, Flav invites her to his hotel room for a nightcap. After the two dates they are all faced yet again with the elimination ceremony. Later, Goldie from the first season makes an appearance.

Afterward he asks Deelishis how she feels about him. The next day it's New York's turn, and she and Flav go on a small cruise liner. Krazy and Flav speak intimately. She says she would love a record deal, but doesn't have the money. Flavor Flav of the rap group Public Enemy is the bachelor looking for love.

Rain Thela Brown appeared on Flavor of Love. The first clock goes to New York, the second goes to Deelishis and the third goes to Krazy, despite Flav's worries about her intentions, he feels that they have a strong connection. It can also be noted that Windsor holds the record for being the only contestant in the series that did not receive a nickname.

Then Saaphyri throws a

She introduces all the girls with the exception of Deelishis and New York, who arrive later, and Eye'z and Payshintz, who did not show up. La La tells Buckwild to respect her, since she never disrespected anyone and that the shoe almost hit her. Naturally New York is angry.

Saaphyri Windsor Saaphyri Windsor was disqualified in the first episode of season two after fighting with another contestant. After this introduction, La La asks Saaphyri and H-Town to come up on stage and discuss the fight they had, after showing the tape of it. Nicole Alexander Nicole Deannae Alexander is the winner of the first season. After the discussion Krazy and Deelishis set off for their date with Flav.

Serious Cristal Steverson appeared on Flavor of Love. New York, angry that she lost again, starts a vulgarity-laced outburst towards Flav, resulting in the two trading insults.

Then Saaphyri throws a red bull can at New York. During the date all Flav's attention goes to Bootz. They did not break up in the reunion. Then Flav asks Deelishis to come out. She currently has her own lip balm line called Lip Chap and her own brand of weave hair called Saaphyri's Ultimate Indian Hair.

New York feels ignored and demands attention, then storms off. But soon Deelishis leaves Flav's side, seasick.

During the date all Flav's