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They also have similar family backgrounds, and in that way they are able to be the comfort each other needs. Jieun at a couple of times in his route. He hates meat, so avoid foods with meat in them. Tell me if it gets too cold. He is very beautiful and people often stare when Heejung takes him out with her.

He acts rather reserved and tends to stay close to Jieun. Lampshaded by Heejung during the naming cutscene where she questions out loud if their names are too similar and whether it might be confusing or not. Jihae and Jieun are both the product of one.

The film might describe the woman as being plain-looking, but they actually use a really pretty actress. This rivalry appears one-sided though, as Jihae mostly acts like Jisoo doesn't exist, while Jisoo is actively hostile towards Jihae. Although he's often calling you stupid and yelling at you, he's also really shy and sweet. Heejung hitting Jiwoo with her textbook. In his good ending, he is shown to now have glasses and is wearing a purple jacket with a black v neck shirt underneath.

He believes they're the key to knowing more about the world, as well as how to deal with women. The entire reason all the guys are with Heejung in the first place. It's supposed to be a sad scene, but it's so corny.

Jihae is in the equivalent of the grass-kingdom aristocracy. Jieun is extremely dependent on Jihae at the beginning of the game. Despite his tendency to boast, Jiwoo is actually very sensitive and insecure. His jacket may also have white sides panels that extend to long coat tails.

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In a different way, Jihae has also completely devoted his life to Jieun, and doesn't react well to the idea of being abandoned by him. He begs for Jieun not to abandon him and blames himself for not being a good enough servant.

Pay close attention to the relationship points meter. Posted in Review by OtomeSweetheart Jiwoo is the tsundere spotted rabbit that shouts a lot and spends most of his time annoyed or disgruntled. Then one morning she wakes up to find something strange - a basket of two cats and three rabbits together.

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At least he covered himself. He appears to develop feelings for her early, since his romance route has him be more open and nervous in the beginning than the other routes. Although the boys are now even noisier and more difficult to take care of than ever, Heejung reluctantly lets her stay in her house until they have to leave. It's left her with a massive inferiority complex and an inability to genuinely enjoy the things that make her happy. She knows something is wrong with her life, but fear of her mother's reprisal combined with lack of any kind of concrete idea about what she wants from her life keep her where she is.

In most routes, this is the conclusion to Heejung's and her mother's relationship. In fact, he often mistakes Heejung's staring when the Stare action is chosen for her judging his appearance. Underneath is a black, high-collared shirt also trimmed in gold, except for the ruffled sleeves that are visible passed the red jacket cuffs. The styles are hardly historically accurate and, of course, aren't intended to be but by God they are pretty. Both Jieun and Jihae felt isolated and excluded from the others around them, but because each was kind to the other and accepted them for who they were, they became friends.