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Hayate Ayasaki is extremely polite, humble, and skilled at domestic tasks. That being said, he isn't afraid to stand up to Fran when she disagrees on his opinion of the plot twist Buster adds to Thirteensomething by posing as Cleveland, Alabaster's twin brother. The Lad-ette Benio in two of these. He also spends a lot of time with the Muses.

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Kirigiri is also taller than Naegi granted, he is the second shortest in his class, along with Asahina. But their relationship follows the trope pretty straight. There is a mouse named Gus and his girlfriend Tara. Invoked when the already slightly effeminate protagonist begins crossdressing to attract the attention of a cool tomboy he has a crush on. Many birds, in fact, have the burden of parenthood placed primarily on the shoulders of the male.

In Phenomena one got the elven twins Alk and Ilke. Genjo Sanzo and his new best friend Sharak Sanzo are two peas in a pod. Victoria is very dedicated to her duties as the monarch, so she will not allow anybody doubt her ability to rule the country just because she's a woman.

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Doesn't stop her from kicking your ass if you dare to harm him though. Because of modern luxuries, women now actually have time to study and choose their own careers, so there shouldn't be a need anymore for gender roles to stay as they were.

Kirigiri is also taller than NaegiGenjo Sanzo and his new bestInvoked when the already slightly

Whether this is a good or bad thing depends on whom you ask. Most likely are Cultural Rebels.

Victoria is very dedicated toMany birds in fact have the