Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie

Country singers dating hockey players

It sounds like things are back on track for this summer, though, so stay tuned. Actually, that's not true. Marriage is definitely something we are interested in. If you don't believe it, go ask your dad.

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Nonetheless, they trudged forward and got engaged four years later before marrying in July of on Prince Edward Island. She's lucky he didn't give her a concussion with a flying elbow to the head. Emery has played for several teams, including the Chicago Blackhawks. John Knits, but you might recognize her from the edition of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. So, yeah, just with regard to dating hot chicks.

Engaged to Julianne Hough via today. Carrie Underwood is a country-music superstar at the top of her industry, and Mike Fisher is the captain of the hometown Nashville Predators. After that she reportedly dated Sean Avery for a bit. He somehow managed to put a ring on blazingly hot actress Elisha Cuthbert, making basically every single male in North America, including the aforementioned Sean Avery, very jealous.

They met again four years later at an L. Married to Janet Jones via huffingtonpost. They probably connected because both have more famous siblings. Underwood, an Oklahoma native, and Fisher tied the knot in July and built a home in a rural area of Ottawa while he played for the Senators.

They were supposed to get married last summer, but they postponed the ceremony, citing relationship issues. Jarret Stoll and Rachel Hunter. She's done notable work for Estee Lauder and St. Alyssa Milano Carrie Underwood is one of the biggest stars in country music today, so it's fitting that her husband, Mike Fisher, got traded to the Nashville Predators. The couple got engaged last year.

Married to Barbie Blank Via dailywrestlingnews. If you've ever seen Tie Domi, you know that this is remarkably unfair. Married to Carrie Underwood via today. And this got me thinking the other day.

She looks plenty focused to me. Lakers game when both were single again, started dating, and were engaged within six months.

Candace Cameron The American actress, best known for playing D. Candace Cameron and Valeri Bure. Married to Gena Lee Nolin Via justjared. Laich and Hough bean dating in after Hough broke it off with Ryan Seacrest, and they got engaged in August of the following year.

Together they are perhaps the best-looking, most successful couple on this list. Sadly, the two announced in that they are splitting up. Married to Elisha Cuthbert via thestar.