It was still very cute though

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Kamenashi Kazuya plays Hatanaka

Because Ako is blind and hasn't seen or heard from her brother in a long time, she isn't able to tell the difference. By the end of the series, I found myself so engrossed with the people and their situations. Her train of thought and actions were all very enjoyable to watch. Really great and heartwarming theme.

His acting makes a lasting impression on his audience. The roles of his characters have become much more diverse since his debut and he has proved time and time again that he can accomplish them successfully. The main characters were great as well.

Naru played by Fujiwara Tatsuya

Someone who is truly talented in the acting department. This was a really great drama that went above and beyond my initial expectations. It's worth watching if you want to see something funny. It has induced me to observe a criminal's behavior, to pay attention on the small things like facial expressions, body language or anything that could help determinate their true face. There's no doubt why Hirosue Ryoko is so popular.

Kamenashi Kazuya plays Hatanaka Kousaku, a boxer who loves food. Naru, played by Fujiwara Tatsuya, is Reiji's friend who also tags along. The acting was over the top, but I felt that it was appropriate for the tone of the show.