Navy during Operation Sealords

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This is one of the rare times in the history of U. As such, the cutters and their crews frequently took on additional duties, including combating piracy, rescuing mariners in distress, ferrying government officials, and even carrying mail.

The Good Conduct

Haughwout Company of New York. Since that date, all Navy enlisted personnel have received the Navy Good Conduct Medal, whether in a full-time active duty or a part-time drilling reserve status. During the launch of the new U. It is this version of the Navy Good Conduct Medal that is still in use today.

Often units within the Coast Guard operate under Department of the Navy operational control while other Coast Guard units remain under the Department of Homeland Security. The medal was issued with a red, white and blue material suspension ribbon without a suspension pin.

Coast Guard reports directly to the Secretary of Homeland Security. Department of Transportation to the U. Maritime interception operations, coastal security, transportation security, and law enforcement detachments have been its major roles in recent conflicts in Iraq.

Still one court has held

Still, one court has held that Coast Guard boarding officers are qualified law enforcement officers authorized to carry personal firearms off-duty for self-defense. The Good Conduct Medal, each one specific to one of the five branches of the U.