Class Editor

Object where keys are used as itemName and corresponding values as definition for a addMenuItem call. Function The function to be called. If defined, points to the data processor which is responsible for translating and transforming the editor data on input and output. Added support for per-user settings of default editor.

Classic Editor WordPress plugin

Classic Editor WordPress plugin

Fired when the language direction in the specific cursor position is changed See source. Event fired by the editor in order to get accessibility help label. Plugins use this method to define default keystrokes. The active filter instance which should be used in the current context location selection.

The Gutenberg Editor does not fit for me. The callback parameter must be used if interaction with the editor is needed after setting the data. Number String Popup window height. Event fired when the styles set is loaded.


The code for the language resources that have been loaded for the user interface elements of this editor instance. Link to switch to the Block Editor while editing a post in the Classic Editor. Fired when the native dragstart event occurs. Event fired when the user double-clicks in the editable area. String Text to be inserted into the editor.

Object Configuration values for this specific instance. Fired after the user initiated a paste action, but before the data is inserted into the editor. When network-activated this plugin will set the Classic Editor as default and prevent site administrators and users from changing editors.

Number The element creation mode to be used by this editor. String Popup window features. Network settings to select the default editor for the network and allow site admins to change it. If this event is canceled, the notification will not be shown even if the update was important, but the object will be updated anyway. See also beforeSetMode and mode.

It may be the result of calling setData explicitly or an internal editor function, like the editor editing mode switching move to Source and back. It ensures that there is only one toolbar visible at a time. You can then set new keystrokes using this method during the runtime. During the runtime to modify existing keystrokes.

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This tool has also been used to do quick modifications in class files when the source code is not available. Additionally, it can check the class for consistency to help you create valid files. Open a Java class file binary to view or edit strings, attributes, webshot desktop for xp methods and generate readable reports similar to the javap utility. Event fired when the language is loaded into the editor instance.


Event fired by the insertHtml method. Returns Boolean true if the command was executed successfully, false otherwise. Class Editor was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici. Attaches the editor to a form to call updateElement before form submission. This function sets the readOnly property of the editor, firing the readOnly event.

String The event name to fire. Event fired before the command execution when execCommand is called. Added support for network admins to prevent site admins from changing the default settings. The name of the command to be returned. Please do not confuse this property with editor.



See also beforeSetMode and beforeModeUnload. Number Array A keystroke or an array of keystroke definitions.

Classic Editor

It is in the main Block Editor menu, see this screenshot. Event fired as an indicator of the editor data loading. String Specify a group name. Lower priority listeners are called first.

Fired before changing the editing mode. Please note that the change event is only fired in the wysiwyg mode. See the method documentation for more information about how this event can be used. Object The data to be passed to the command. Function The function to be called, which will be passed an element to test.

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Event fired after the command execution when execCommand is called. It should not be used as a way to load any kind of data, but instead in combination with getSnapshot -produced data. Number See the enterMode argument. Spaces around the text will be left untouched. Function A function that will be executed with the data property of the paste event or null if none of the capturing methods succeeded.