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Cabs are the best choice in case you want to tour the city all day or visit nearby places. However there is an elevated viewing platform next to one of the boundary walls. Be sure to visit Traffic Mahadev, a small temple which acts as a road divider. Visit the scores of parks in the city. This temple got its name from a red-gold sandstone used, which is called Rajarani locally.

Take rest in one of the many small lassi shops and enjoy one of those cool yoghurt drinks. The planetarium for one is good. But perhaps once every now and then, you could let that alarm clock ring on one more day of the week so you can have the chance to witness this city in a completely different light, quite literally. There is a minimum fare for first few kilometres and for every subsequent kilometre they charge in increments. Yes, sleeping late is an art that must not be dismissed.

Around temples of varying sizes are located here. One can both breathe clean, unpolluted air and drink pure, surplus water. There is a prepaid taxi counter near the exit gate of the airport by Carz on Rent. Flights like Indian, Kingfisher airlines and other ply between Bangalore and other major areas of the country.

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The nearest airport is at Bangalore kms. Many people also enjoy the ride to Nandi Hills for the sunrise view and the highway breakfasts, so you could try that as well, although the hilltop tends to get quite crowded on weekends. Sculpture and architecture fused elegantly to create a perfect harmony. Upon travelling in and around the city and its nearby areas, one can note that the architecture of the place changes according to the prevalent religions in the region.

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