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Nobody in the United States has ever asked me to attach my social security number to my Gap purchase. Google directions do a great job of directing you on public transport otherwise Uber searches the office fine.

This will be much shorter than the long line of people turning up without an appointment. This might be a problem if you're from a system that never required it.

Do not just rock up at the office. It is worth any fees, as otherwise, you will need to leave the building and go through the hassle of finding a bank and paying the fee there. Pay with a card even if you have to use another currency card.

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Not sure if you just have the separately printed visa. Just checking again now in the last few days.

My religion, or lack of, is not mentioned. It is not made clear what the next steps are that you need to take, beforehand and particularly when in the building. Processing the Application On the first floor to the left from the stairs, there's another bulk of people waiting for their name to be called. Clearly, I live in Colombia, and money laundering is an issue.