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Determined to pursue their shared goal of entrepreneurship, they utilized the Booth network and education, especially the benefits of rigorous quantitative analysis, to launch the company. Countless conversations with friends and family assured me that I was not the only one finding dating difficult when simultaneously trying to get my career going. This is the part of running a business that is harder to learn in a classroom. However, this movie delivers the story, spirit and theme, not to mention the egregious comedy of the book better than I ever would have imagined.

Catch is not only perfect

None of them seemed like the right fit and did not have much luck with the ones I tried out. Instead, in these cases, we've tried to hone our instincts, run ideas by our closest friends and also test ideas in the market. Both Ruchi and I really value the experiences we had inside and outside the classroom at Booth. Our complementary styles make our partnership work particularly well. Importantly, through my Booth experience, I also gained a terrific business partner and lifelong friend in Jennifer Parkes.

Catch is not only perfect, but if there is a stronger word than brilliant, it's that too. One of the biggest things that Ruchi and I have had to balance is when to be patient and when to push the envelope. There are quite a few I consider brilliant, and only a few of those are perfect.

The book was absolutely wonderful. The thing you believe in, that you find important and fulfilling. Tell us about your business. In fact, we relied heavily on the Booth community to help us nail down our positioning using surveys, focus groups and lots of one-on-one conversations with our Booth friends.

He may be unique in this regard, but I don't know. It has been essential for us to identify what to prioritize and what to put on the backburner because building a business with a solid foundation takes time. Booth taught us to challenge the status quo, to never settle. Define what success means for you and find your passion project.

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Ruchi and Jen cite passion and discipline as key factors for success. Dating can be tricky but it doesn't have to be. Starting your own business is hard work, even when you love what you do. It takes a combination of knowing your target market very well, being true to your word and positioning, good intuition and some common sense.