Iron Lady also has eight episodes

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The ladies flirt with him and titter, while Al-li goes moony-eyed, conceding that every once in a while, you want to open a spam message. It also becomes a point of jealousy later, when watching one couple using banmal with each other makes another feel left out.

Well, and likely some behind-the-behind-the-scenes prodding by producers. He raised her and her brother alone after Mom died, and Al-li mostly learned about being a lady from books, only to fall for boxing instead.

And then, he has to hang back watching as Minhyuk gets a kiss scene with Sohee first, when they film their promo. The pre-show descriptions, on the other hand, were all over the place.

He raised herWell and likely some

Minhyuk had felt like banmal was their thing, and admits that it felt like it was being snatched away from him. In the drama, Suk-jin and Minhyuk are both in lovelines with So-hee, and behind the scenes, we start to see a bit of vying for her attention.

We love and respect all of the actors. Iron Lady also has eight episodes. On a coffee break in the kitchen, Al-li tenses when joins her and makes conversation. Behind-the-scenes footage plus We Got Married, with a drama sandwiched in between. He misses hearing an urgent call from his co-workers, who are in an uproar over an office emergency.