Bpo call centres in bangalore dating

Bpo call centres in bangalore dating

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In a society where dating is frowned upon and where, in some quarters, a woman wearing a sleeveless top is considered a Jezebel, such uninhibited conduct is bewildering for middle-class India. Couplings have also been observed on the staircase, in the gym and carparks during breaks. In New Delhi, Dominic Emmanuel, the spokesman for the Delhi Catholic Archdiocese, said that the youth wing in every archdiocese would be mobilised to help. Call centre staff have been caught by hidden cameras having sex in cubicles.

Since many staff work night shifts, after which normal socialising is impossible, office friendships - with accompanying sexual liaisons - have blossomed. The companies involved object vehemently to suggestions that their call centres are dens of vice and adultery.

The Church is so concerned by evidence that call centres are becoming dens of iniquity that it is offering week-long retreats and counselling, in the hope of turning staff away from a life of sin. You're together all night in this cool, hip atmosphere and you end up getting intimate. During the day, workers fill the shopping malls for a dose of instant gratification unknown to their traditionally abstemious parents, for whom saving was a religion. But conservatives, who revile call centres as decadent outposts of western culture, are just as concerned about the threat to India's moral reputation.

The Church is so concerned by