Sm-Co and NdFe-B type magnets

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The structures have been characterized by Transmission Electron Microscopy technique, Electron and X-ray Diffraction among the others. For measurements we have used two magnetic fluids with magnetite particles dispersed in kerosene sample A and in water, respectively sample B. Such processings have to be done as separate description, distinct of usual picture in terms of Hilbert spaces, Schrodinger equation a. The resulting structure consists of glassy grains separated by glassglass interfaces and is called a nanoglass.

Nevertheless in bulk metallic glasses

Nevertheless in bulk metallic glasses it has been proven that planar defects do exist, namely in the form of shear bands induced by plastic deformation. Radulian Invited Lectures Seismic activity in Romania is concentrated along the orogen system with a strong cluster of earthquakes at the Carpathians Arc bend, in the Vrancea region. Geographically, it is located in the part of Kosovo close to the Goljak mountains. Traces of tin were observed in practically all the items.

Temperature dependence of magnetoresistance has been performed. Typical representative of such environment is the Local Group of galaxies which consists of spiral and dwarf galaxies mostly.

Radulian Invited Lectures Seismic activity in

The arc is gi nited between a heated cathode provided with a Wehnelt cylinder and the anode which is a crucible containing the material to be evaporated. Moreover, each analyzed item showed a rather inhomogeneous composition. Exchangespring magnets are formed of soft and hard magnetic phases dispersed at the nanometric scale and coupled by exchange interaction. These results have opened up the opportunity to develop nanosized rapidly solidified amorphous magnetic materials for applications based on the domain wall motion.