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Mirrors that were folded in are folded out automatically at a speed of approx. If you continue driving within approx. Failure to do so could cause injury to persons or damage to objects as a result of a rearward movement of the seat. This can be beneficial in narrow streets, for example, or for moving mirrors that were folded in by hand back out into their cor- rect positions.

The aim throughout has been simplicity and clarity, with practical explanations, step-by-step procedures and accurate specifications. Move the glass roof in the desired direction. No one and nothing should come between the airbags and the seat occupant. Following interruptions in electrical power supply After a power failure, there is a possibility that the panorama glass roof can only be raised. Do not close the sliding visor forcibly with the roof in the raised position, as this would damage the mechanism.

Other- wise, the belt could slide over your hips and injure your abdomen in the event of a frontal collision. Do not use seat or head restraint covers that could impair the function of the active head restraint.

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Fuel injection and ignition system diagrams and explanations. Make sure that the belt in the lap area sits low across the hips and does not press against the abdomen. Distance Adjust the distance so that the head restraint is as close as possible to the back of the head.

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Closing without pinch protection If there is an external danger, press the switch forward past the resistance point and hold it there. Cylinder head cover gasket and crankshaft seal replacement.

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Otherwise, the passenger will be without protection from the head restraint. In con- junction with the safety belts, the head restraints and the airbags, the seated position has a major influence on your safety in the event of an accident. The stored position is called up automatically when the vehicle is unlocked. You can close the sliding visor in a similar man- ner by pressing the switch forwards. When this Personal Profile function is used, first make sure that the footwell behind the driver's seat is free of obstacles.

BMW Repair and Servicing Manuals - BMWSections

If desired, continue the movement by pressing the switch. Press the front or rear end of the switch.

Airbags complement the safety belt as an additional safety device, but they do not represent a substitute. Head restraint A correctly adjusted head restraint reduces the risk of neck injury in the event of an accident.

Mirrors Exterior mirrors The front passenger's mirror is more con- vex than the driver's mirror. Otherwise, there is an increased risk of injury in the event of an accident. Guide the belt into its reel. Closing Make sure you hear the latch plate engage in the belt buckle.

To ensure that the safety sys- tems operate with optimal efficiency, we strongly urge you to observe the instructions contained in the following section. Comprehensive wiring schematics, including fuses and grounds. Safety belt Before every drive, make sure that all occupants wear their safety belts.

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Settings for the backrest width and lumbar sup- port are not stored in memory. Fasten the safety belt so that it sits as snugly as possible against the lap and shoulder without being twisted. Height Adjust the head restraint so that its center is approximately at ear level. Reinstall head restraints before transporting passengers in the rear. Tap- ping the switch again stops the operation.

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Otherwise, it is not guaranteed that the safety devices will func- tion properly. Reinstall the head restraint before transporting anyone on that seat. The driver's seat and exterior mirror posi- tions are stored for the remote control cur- rently in use. The temperature is lowered or the heating is switched off entirely to save on battery power.

The system must be initialized. Tapping the switch again stops the operation. Reinstall the control unit and reattach the lamp cover. The center head restraint is not height-adjust- able. The safety belt must not rest against the throat, run across sharp edges, pass over hard or frag- ile objects or be pinched.

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Never allow more than one person to wear a single safety belt. Adjust the seat and exterior mirrors to the desired positions. Otherwise, the protective func- tion of the active head restraint will not be ensured and its full potential in reducing the risk of injury in the event of a rear collision may not be realized.

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Body and hood repairs and adjustments. Unprofessional attempts to work on the system could lead to failure in an emergency or to undesired airbag activation, either of which could result in per- sonal injury.

Before every drive, make sure that all occupants wear their safety belts. Your vehicle has five seats, each of which is equipped with a safety belt. The ignition and inflation noise may provoke a mild hearing loss in extremely sensi- tive individuals. Before using the center rear seat, release the latch plate from the fixture on the rear window shelf and insert it into the belt lock of the center safety belt.

Considerably less effort will be required for manual operation. This manual tells you what to do and how and when to do it. Even if you have no intention of working on your vehicle, you will find that reading and owning this manual makes it possible to discuss repairs more intelligently with a professional technician. In addition, sony ericsson pc suite latest version a message appears on the Control Dis- play.

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