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Software and usage Rather than fork Android, which other companies have attempted to do, BlackBerry has gone with the whole Google package, apps and all. The Priv's keyboard also gains the trackpad-like abilities which we first saw and loved on the BlackBerry Passport. The power button is on the left and the volume buttons are on the right.

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The only problem was that the middle-rear of the phone got hot even when we were doing absolutely mundane things like setting up email accounts. There are holdouts, no doubt, but their number is diminishing every day. Shortcuts within the Hub also work as expected. The compromised dimensions are not in vain, though. Fortunately, you can change the shortcuts in the settings.

This means there's no need to strain to read what's at the screen's outer edges, but you'll still have to deal with reflections that are impossible to avoid. BlackBerry has clad the back and sides of the Priv in what it calls a tensile weave, which basically means it's not metal or glass, but what feels like rubbery plastic. Satisfying slide action aside, the BlackBerry Priv isn't exactly small, and nor is it lightweight.

On the other hand, other manufacturers have done more to take advantage of similar hardware, such as allowing split-screen multitasking or floating windowed apps. While not ideal, BlackBerry has done well. Software As mentioned earlier, the Priv appears to run a mostly stock version of Android.

The front is nearly all glass, with curved edges on the sides. BlackBerry Hub brings them all together, as a one-stop shop.

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Pick it up, though, and the illusion is somewhat shattered. When you pull down the notification shade, the apps that correspond to your current notifications are shown along the top. Long-pressing the on-screen Android home button brings up a row of shortcuts to the device-wide search function, Google Now, and the BlackBerry Hub respectively. In addition to widgets and app icons, you can have shortcut icons on the homescreens as well. All predictions of BlackBerry's demise have thus far not come to pass, but we're not sure how long that can continue at this rate.