She having a type does not exist

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The punchline point to conclude this article may offend most women. Most are often taught sub-communicated also to not mingle with non Jews, or at least are expected to know their role where it pertains to mingling with the so-called gentiles non Jews aka Goyeems.

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She honestly wanted to believe this. She having a type does not exist. Fuck picking up the dumb Blonde wanna-be models. Do not miss the opportunity to find love. Sexual desires override human prejudices.

Taking it a step further, this is also why girls whom were raised in the church or sheltered away from boys, are often times the easiest to fuck. Cool- I have no qualms with wanting to stick within your own.

Simply run a Google search of it. Same often goes for girls who were bred to not mingle with particular types of guys. This is game on an advanced level opposed to picking up girls whom you were supposed to pick up. The allure of Forbidden fruit once again.

Look at life as just a mirage that it is. Those chicks without brains are easy to get. In fact, most of us often times put sleeping and eating on the temporary back-burner for fornication fucking. This is also why a man should never really trust a woman, because she is liable to a fault of flip-flopping on deeply held positions and going contrary to what she previously believed. She rejecting me is not really rejection.

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Goes back to what I said in the previous passage that if you put me in a room bar, club, etc. She liking ripped buffed guys is just a figment of her imagination. The following in-field footages where shot by me a while ago, which illustrate how persistent I was and still am about gaming Jew girls.